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All you need to know about Bahria Paradise Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is a stellar addition to the chain of Bahria Town Projects already operating successfully in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore. Bahria Town is a pioneer in Pakistan to provide world class facilities to its residents. It provides not only the basic infrastructures but all some advanced features including own power generation, proper maintenance and security systems, provision of ... Read More »

F(read)om. We Want

I pronounce myself guilty of reading banned books. Did I hear someone gasp? Probably not. Because reading banned books may not seem like a big crime, if a crime at all. Would I get a death sentence for perusing a copy of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses? If yes, then I better get my Last Will And Testament in order. Reading ... Read More »

Declining Standards of Education in Sindh Pakistan

One can not refrain the fact that our education standard is acutely abating. In this epoch when every emulating country is progressing day by day our country is facing such problem. Education is the commodity which is responsible for any country’s depreciation or burgeon advancement.On one hand our illiteracy rate is so high and on the second, the problem of ... Read More »

Child Labour, a Curse

Childhood is nearly unforgettable, innocent yet most joyous stage of human life cycle, indeed it is. But what about those children who are living below the poverty line? Their guardians are some how unable to provide them with the basic necessities of life? It’s not their mistake that they were born in the poorest family or they belong to any ... Read More »

What Pakistan needs to do to solve the Education Crisis

Education is an important aspect of socio-economic development for any country in the world. An educated society has more chances of development. Unfortunately in Pakistan, this fact is largely ignored and little or less attention is paid on improving this situation. Pakistan is the sixth most populated country in the world and is counted amongst the least literate nations in ... Read More »

Revolution, is it required for change?

Since the 2010 Arab “Spring” revolting against a country’s government has become the “in” thing. On social media, on television, during political campaigns, and even during the dining table conversations, there has been a continuous call for a revolution in Pakistan. The question, however, remains, that is revolution really needed here? And if so, will it really change our country ... Read More »

14th August- A call for celebration?

Last night, on the way back from the barbeque party given by my uncle at my grandma’s house, I had to cross the Five-Star roundabout at Hyderi. My cousin had warned me already to take off early before 12 a.m. since it’s a tradition for all young boys and men to ride their motorbikes wildly and gather at 5 star ... Read More »

Stop Blaming – Start Working

Since the beginning and right after the establishment of Pakistan, Pakistan has faced and still facing lots of challenges.  Almost all of us are grown up hearing such hearsays that Pakistan is facing a lot of troubles and threats, Pakistan is going through the worst  ever situation of its time, the inflation rate is getting higher and higher, economy is ... Read More »

Story of a Great Barrister

It all began, when I was concentrating on the doctrine of separation of power which Miss Shaista taught us with such enthusiasm to us which made me wonder how well connected is politics with law! Which is labeled as executive and judiciary respectively in our law books and thus despite of thinking only this new principle in terms of institution ... Read More »

Be the Change

The Islamic Republic State of Pakistan is going through full hype of Election 2013. Infact, it is just around the corner. Every Pakistani, teenage to adult is excited and in full spirits supporting the best political party he/she has decided to vote for. Certainly, every individual, being a Pakistani, must show high spirits in taking keen part to decide the ... Read More »

Responsibility of the youth in the present troubled times

Pakistan, our nation; a nation attained after the countless efforts and struggles of great leaders from yesteryear. A country made for the Muslims to be independent, to be free, and to have liberty. Alas, this was achieved; but not everyone got freedom and liberty as expected. The prime dilemma faced by Pakistan right from its inception is that power has ... Read More »

Few Signs of PTI Supporter!

You can diagnose any one around you talking politics if he/she is PTI supporter or not. Here are few (of many) symptoms. They blame CIA and US from anarchy to bad Governance. They protest throughout the year. They want a liberal political leader and yet they like to be friends with fundamentalists who like to blow girls’ schools, barber shops ... Read More »

What is Real Problem? Let’s get to the Roots

We Pakistanis are in trouble since the creation of this country. Since its creation Pakistan has faced many challenges, which range from financial, infrastructural and political to floods, earthquakes and war on terror. Every thinking or non-thinking brain has his views in Pakistan. As the count of mouths increase conspiracy theories increase. But no one has yet identified the real ... Read More »

Moving Beyond Bhuttoism:​Reconfigur​ing Politics in Sindh

Ever since the hanging of Bhutto, the political fortunes of Sindh have been confined solely to the party he founded, the PPPP, which came to power twice under the leadership of his daughter, the late Benazir Bhutto, and now under her husband, the infamous Asif Ali Zardari. Bhutto has now ironically become a brand, one that can be packaged and ... Read More »

Bring Back our Long-Lost Discipline

“Fatima, the speed limit is 60km/h. Why are you driving at 80?” she asked her friend as their car rushed down the road. She looked outside the window and every vehicle on the road seemed to be doing the same. They were all over speeding on a road which funnily enough, was sited adjacent to the Dubai Police Academy. “It’s ... Read More »

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