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The Common Man’s Story

Let us delve into the world of the common Pakistani and explore the world through his own lens. Our central character, whom we may call Ali Bux works in the local textile industry where he is paid a paltry salary of Rs 150 a day. He is married and has five children, four girls and a boy. Ali, as you ... Read More »

The Cornered Tiger

The ease with which we are able to accept that 30 people were killed in a bomb blast made me reconsider the value of human life in our country. Life is the most beautiful gift given to us by our creator and for it to become so trivial is truly a very alarming phenomenon. Juxtapose this with the West and ... Read More »

The Limits of Patience

[show_avatar align=center]Tolerance and patience are virtues that come in handy if you happen to live in Pakistan. If you are stuck in a traffic jam and are getting late for office, or are standing in a line for sugar or whether you have closed your eyes in the midst of load shedding, the most potent way to preserve one’s ... Read More »

Punjab-The Battle Ground for Next General Elections

Governor Salman Taseer’s murder put PPP in a fix. Selecting a new governor in Punjab was rightly a challenge and PPP was not in a position to experiment! Taseer was appointed Governor Punjab by Pervez Musharraff in May 2008. An old friend of Mr Zardari, he was undoubtedly a strong personality who after last elections, extended his full support to ... Read More »

A Nation of Marked People

Pakistan’ image has been tainted irrevocably by the world media in the aftermath of the Sept 11 attacks. This has culminated in our premature coronation as the most dangerous country on the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth. We surely know that this is nonsense but others do not. People in the West are very susceptible to be ... Read More »

The Rationality of Irrationality

The news keeps on ringing inside my head. An explosion in the Chelum procession in Lahore kills more than a dozen people. A 13 year old boy blew himself up after the police tried to check him. I stare in utter disbelief at my computer screen. Reason and rationality, at that particular moment, evaporate. How on earth could such a ... Read More »

For Death Cannot Do Us Part

There are some leaders who remain immortal, for whom death does not pose the same barriers that it does for others. Departure from this mortal world only serves to augment their fame as they reside then in people’s hearts. Pakistan’s first democratically elected president is a potent example of these very few. It is striking that even after three decades ... Read More »

O level student scores record 23 As

Ibrahim Shahid set a new world record by scoring 23 A’s in Cambridge O level’s exams. Shahid, a student of a Beacon House School in Islamabad, sat for 24 subjects and scored 23 As. Attributing his success to his parents, Shahid recalled an incident where his teacher in Australia had written him off, stating that he would “never excel”. He added that ... Read More »

Finding Another Jinnah

[show_avatar align=center]When will we wake from this deep and intoxicating sleep? When will the people of the land of the pure draw the line? Surely, there has to be a limit and beyond all doubt, there always is. When Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a white man, her personal decision changed the lives of the entire ... Read More »

Rise of the Dragon

China’s epic rise as a military and an economic powerhouse over the last few decades is more like a fairy tale. This unprecedented metamorphosis has led to China’s pre-mature coronation as the next big thing. Analysts, excited by the Chinese inexorable advance in the last decade, have based their arguments on conjecture. Careful scrutiny reveals that the newly crowned superpower ... Read More »

Money VS Merit

[show_avatar align=center]To say that Pakistan is devoid of talent is to massively underestimate the denizens of this country. The recent example of a student, Ali Moeen getting 22 As serves to exemplify the quality of talent present in this nation. There are countless students who wish to further their careers by pursuing foreign education but financial considerations hamper their ... Read More »

Dark Times

[show_avatar align=center avatar_size=154]The news has increasingly become a biting reminder of the abyss that the land of the pure has become entrapped in. The trial of destruction left by the American invasion of Afghanistan is palpable in our homeland. Pakistan has been left with the indelible mark of a terrorist nation, a mark that does not bode well for ... Read More »

Wake Up Pakistan!

Let us all close our eyes for one good minute and think about the places wherever we are in PAKISTAN without all this corruption, security risks, bad leaders, pollution, and electricity water gas issues. Think about your place without all these problems. Just give it a thought you at your own city, village, town etc. without all the problems you ... Read More »

Watch Your Kids

Parents, the ones who bring children to this world, grow them up; make them identify the fine line between right and wrong, fulfill their demands, keep a check on their needs and provide them what they want. They are the guardians of the little minds. They scold them where they go wrong and bestow their love when they are broken/injured ... Read More »

Child Sexual Abuse, Spread the Awareness

Every other day we get to hear a news something like a kid hardly of age 4 or 5 got raped. What we do is watch/hear the news, condemn the incident, abuse the monster, say a few words for the victim (who hardly survives) and move on. Kids at that age are too young to understand what actually is happening/happened ... Read More »

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