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Are anarchists defending Islam?

CNN reports that Azam Tariq, the spokesperson of the Pakistani Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack on the CID’s office near the PIDC building in Karachi. Tariq has also asserted that these bouts of violence will persist until the military operations against the Taliban are relinquished. This statement illustrates the impudence with which Muslim anarchists are fulfilling their ... Read More »

‘We give the public what it wants.’ Views on television programmes of Pakistan

In Pakistan media boom came from year 2001 onwards. These private parties mostly work on the business principles rather than on social principles. Indeed, these private channels try to show as much as possible which attracts the public the most, so that they are able to get more sponsors.Television programmes have become a babysitter for children even to a one year old. Young children are now exposed to violent and extreme entertainment which results in depressing mind set. Read More »

Pakistan-US relations: a two-fold responsibility

As drone attacks become mundane in the terrorized district of Waziristan, one begins to realize the sheer intensity with which the collateral damage of a ‘foreign war’ has affected the region. The Taliban and the Intelligence Agencies have greatly hampered progressive values by establishing an orthodox design of living in North-Western Pakistan. The nation has, in a sense, become a ... Read More »

Its The Efficiency Stupid!

Our beloved Premier Gilani has issued an executive order to curtail the two day weekend to a one day weekend in the government offices. The move on the surface seems to be of well intentions and to increase and enhance productivity. This is also due to the fact that electricity is not a major issue in winters and hence the ... Read More »

Zardari v/s ManMohan Singh

I think i have found out the reason that why India is becoming a Economic giant while Pakistan is still facing basic economic problems. Take a look at the Cv’s of the two country heads and you will know the difference. Chief Executive of India Title: Prime Minister Name: Dr Manmohan Singh EDUCATION /Qualification: 1950: Stood first in BA (Hons), ... Read More »

Are We Really Pakistani?

Everyday on television we see news that so many peoples killed in bomb blast, gang wars, target killings. We switch off the tv and say ” Is mulk ka kuch bhi nahi ho sakhta” and have a nice sleep and everything is back to normal next day. Do we ever think of the families who lost their loved ones in ... Read More »

Education is what to believe in !

Dear Readers, Education not only aims at imparting knowledge but it also flourishes innate talents of students. and Hopefully this blog is a platform to nurture the creative abilities of Pakistani Students. It will provide opportunities to Pakistani youth to interact with each other. Todays Generation, first and foremost must realize that they are firstly Muslim and then Pakistani. They ... Read More »

Bright and Dark side of Pakistani Sports

Jinnah had a great love for sport and fully released its vital role in the development of the nation and inculcation of discipline among the masses. The first National Games were held in Karachi at the Polo Ground from 23 to 25 April, 1948. Sportsmen and officials from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and all the integrated Provincial units of West ... Read More »

Pakistan ranks 10th among ‘failed states’

Pakistan was ranked the 10th most failed state in the world, just three places below Afghanistan, in a US survey. Somalia tops the 2010 Failed States Index followed by Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Chad. The index issued by the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine and the Fund for Peace, a Washington-NGO, ranks India 87th in a list of 177 countries. Burma has ... Read More »

Degree? Who cares!

Academic world is boring, studying is tedious and degrees are useless. Kids go to school or college to socialise and hang out with their friends, eat, drink and to avoid spending all day at home being shamed by their families into getting a job. Now, I have no problem with these bright-eyed few who equate to future greatness. I’d just ... Read More »

Letter to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad C. from Advocate Naeem Bokhari

To I would like to share a very interesting letter , written by Supreme Court Advocate Naeem Bohkari addressed to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.His open letter against Chief Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhry published on Feb 16, 2007 created a controversy and this is also attributed to the eventual dismissal of the Chief ... Read More »

Ingenious & fraudulent person of Pakistan, of the decade

There are many people in politics; establishments, military and business community who always try their level best to dominate in the field of corruption and dishonesty. Taqiq Aziz beaten all almost every other person in the decade as far as cleverness and fraudulence is concern. I am sure not many people know him as it is his one of the ... Read More »

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