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Re-Thinking the Benazir Income Support Program

The Benazir Income Support Program, which consists of cash transfers to low income families on a bi-monthly basis, is the largest aid program in Pakistan (accounting for a third of the government budget) that catered to 20 million households in the year 2010-2011. In essence, the BSIP targets the poorest of the poor. Named after the late Prime Minister, the scheme ... Read More »

Pakistan in 2015

Pakistan, rarely a peaceful land of peace where Youth instead of given a chance to raise voice in assemblies, there blood is shed in streets openly, where one does not feel secure to go outside, where Parchi system is common, where no one is accountable to its supervisor, where Media is biased, where Media is controlled by some particular sort ... Read More »

3 rupees per meal? Parveen Saeed made it possible

In a country of 180 million people, how much importance is attached to the single individual? Attempt in your own way to grapple with this question: can an individual become an institution? How much does one human being count for in the entirety and cacophony of a diverse nation? All too often, the news is a sobering reminder of the ... Read More »

How is 64 year old Pakistan doing?

“You tend to hear the worst 5% of the Pakistan story 95% of the time!”   The above is a quote attributed to Pakistani Entrepreneur Monis Rahman in the August 8th 2011 edition of Forbes Magazine story titled “Want to Start a Company in the World’s Sixth-Most Populous Country? Time to Move to Pakistan”. So let us show you the other ... Read More »

Why Karachi Burns?

The proliferation of splinter groups in Karachi- breakaway factions acting independently from their patron organizations- and increasingly the influx of thousands of Taliban militants in the city (who have sought refuge from drones strikes and the army operation in the cacophony of the metropolis), alongside the presence of the armed wings of the ANP and the MQM (notorious for torture ... Read More »

Reforming the Civil Service

The Pakistani civil service, despite calls for repeated structural reforms, remains modeled on the pre-partition British model. Over the years, the civil service has suffered from diminished capacity, nepotism, over-politicization, mismanagement, all of which has rendered it impotent in offering basic public service and providing good governance. Bureaucratic procedures, in the public domain, are seen as exploitative and cumbersome; civil ... Read More »

The Case for Selective Nationalism/Jihad

Nationalism works in unique ways in Pakistan. For the greater good, in the larger interest of the nation, certain contentious issues are kept out of the public sphere, are pushed towards neglect and indifference. The country and its territorial sovereignty, it is argued, trumps all moral considerations, any perceived transgression of the law as ordained in the constitution, any squashing ... Read More »

Celebrating Karachi

The reality of Karachi eludes the gaze of an outside observer, of how a city can survive-and to a degree, flourish- as dozens are literally butchered every day, as strikes paralyze and shut down commercial and civic activity. The city does not reveal itself to the less curious observer, the inattentive bystander, the negligent spectator. A city of 18 million ... Read More »

Tracing the Afghan endgame: Repercussions of US elections on Pakistan

What does the recent re-election of incumbent Barack Obama, with a fresh mandate bode for the endgame in Afghanistan and wider geo-strategic confabulations in the region? The central concern for the principal stakeholders- India, Pakistan and the Afghanis themselves- is that a premature US withdrawal has the potential to plunge the country into anarchy and civil war in the absence ... Read More »

Water Security in South Asia: Revisiting the Indus Water Treaty

In what has been predominantly a climate of belligerence and hostility between India and Pakistan over the past six decades, the Indus Water Treaty is one of the few instances- even during a time of war- where both countries have cooperated in a matter of mutual concern. The Treaty has been generous to Pakistan (allocating 80.52 % of the water ... Read More »

Education, but at a cost

Since in late 2009, I took admission in Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, which was situated at blue area, at that time. I was very happy about the situation that I am going to learn new skills, I would have new environment of learning and most important thing, my education would be complete very soon, Hundreds of people and dozens of ... Read More »

High Earning Websites in Pakistan

Below are the top 10 highest earning websites illuminating the name of Pakistan Internationally. 01 – Though most of the Pakistani audience may be alien to but the matter of the fact remains, this is the best and highest earning website in Pakistan’s Internet empire. is a multinational Internet Company that has offices in Saudi Arabia, China ... Read More »

Best Blogger of Pakistan 2012

Taimur Asad He is one of the most successful blogger today in Pakistan today. In 2008 when this young blogger from Pakistan launched his technology focused blog RedmondPie, no body knew that a new era for iPhone Jailbreak Solutions has just been triggered. Today his blog manages to attract over 10 million monthly page views plus he is now one ... Read More »

Mug Up, Puke! Education, Is It?

‘Avoid irrelevant and unnecessary details’; the first thing we, generally, get to read when we look at our question papers. This statement has to be the most irrelevant and unnecessary when it comes to our education system. Teachers, usually, in the orientations say that they want the concepts to be clear and they give a damn to the scores and ... Read More »

The Fortunate Ones

In the glow of night, a walk under the moonlight with its bright shining glamor caressing your facial features, you analyze how empty your life is. The loneliness adds to the trauma, making you feel insatiable. To gain some peace of mind you: Talk to a good friend Listen to some sad painful melody, a ballet, or a song Read Or ... Read More »

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