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Women and Violence

Every day, millions of women and girls across the world are beaten and abused. Many are abused in their homes by members of their family or community. Read More »

Pakistan: Call to Sons of Soil

It was 27th of Ramadan 1366 Hijri, 14th August 1947 when my father Mr. Jinnah proclaimed my birth. Read More »

Bill Gates’ Favorite Teacher Salman Khan

FORTUNE — Sal Khan, you can count Bill Gates as your newest fan. Gates is a voracious consumer of online education. This past spring a colleague at his small think tank, bgC3, e-mailed him about the nonprofit, a vast digital trove of free mini-lectures all narrated by Khan, an ebullient, articulate Harvard MBA and former hedge fund manager. Gates ... Read More »

To The Desk of Barack Obama

To The Desk of Barack Obama, Read More »

An internationally recognized research of a Pakistani Student

Muhammmad Usman, student of BS Geophysics 8th semester at Bahria University, Islamabad. In the third semester of his BS degree, he started working on a research project “Effects of Global Warming on the Geology and Economy of Pakistan”. In this project he predicted that earthquakes along northern and shelf areas of Pakistan could be increasing with the rising temperature. This proposal is registered in Pakistan ... Read More »

Who Are You To Decide it all?

While the school van dropped a kid off to his home I overheard some guys talking to each other. ‘Oey! Ye bhi school jaata hai?’ (Hey! Does he go to school too?) And the next guy replying ‘Pata nahi isne madam ko kitna pagal kiya hua hoga’(I wonder how mad he must have driven his teacher). Not to mention, the ... Read More »

Don’t give up, Better Live Up

“I don’t care how a guy looks at me or treats me as I have lost my virginity already.” I was forced to look at her face after hearing this sentence and to my disbelief she looked not more than 20 year old. The more shocking about it was her story that how she was sexually harassed rather raped when ... Read More »

Morally Insensitive or Senseless?!

I do not intend to be giving off negative (depressing) vibes with my words as I pen down my thoughts.Perhaps this is the rave that goes on within myself each time i ponder over the disastrous world activities and its effects on us,directly or indirectly. The present world we dwell in,surely exhibits advancement of sci-tech, wonderful innovations as well as genius ... Read More »

Crisis in Syria

On 4th February China and Russia veto UN resolution against Syria, in which current Syrian Government has been asked to step down after bloody violation of human rights, killing of thousands of civilians. Crisis in Syria were started in mid-March 2011 when protesters demanded for the release of political prisoners. In response to them, Syrian Government took actions in brutality ... Read More »

The Curse of Child Servitude

A girl not more than ten years of age trying to lift quite a healthy kid up, who I am sure was heavier than her, to a ride. She loses her balance in an effort to do so. This was a scene I got to see at a famous fast food restaurant play area. Yes! That little girl was a ... Read More »

They Once Had It All

Living near a kachi abaadi (slums) these days makes me wonder at times. What are we? We have everything at one moment and we can be left with nothing at all the very next moment. I see the old, the young, the kids and the infants around in filthy clothes eating and drinking things which we can’t even look at. ... Read More »

Post – Emaho Exhibition – A Creative Revolution.

Emaho is an Indian Online Magazine with the tagline of Creative Revolution. Emaho is working since last 7 months to explore the artist across the world and  promoting their work globally. Either it is a Local Musical Band or a Painting of any artist and even a Photograph of any Passionate Photographer. Emaho has recently launched an Exhibition named as ... Read More »

Kachee Goliyan Resurrects Fallen Warrior

It has been a while since something new came to Pakistan in the form of local entertainment. Keeping aside the political melodrama and all the sarcastic takes on our dear President and his close associates, there was a serious lack of genuine entertainment that people can actually relate with and share laughs. Finally, after a very long time, the start ... Read More »

2nd Annual Pakistan Blog Awards

It was a pleasant experience for me to attend the 2nd Annual Pakistan Blog Awards this year. As a blogger it was a great experience meeting several people I had only interacted over the internet and hearing their views and thoughts personally proved to be a fulfilling experience. Without any doubt the blogger community needs such initiatives. The awards were ... Read More »

PTI Tsunami in Karachi and MQM

I need to start with so-called controversy. Why Imran Khan is not opposing MQM ? Imran Khan said many times in his interview that ‘we should know our real enemy and MQM is not our major enemy’. MQM currently holds only 25 seats out of 342 in the National Assembly of Pakistan, Which means that in National assembly MQM only ... Read More »

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