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Internet Sensations of Pakistan

YouTube is a very popular website in Pakistan. The people spend hours everyday on this video sharing website. The world has seen many internet celebrities made through YouTube. Pakistanis has also started taking part in uploading videos. Here are some of the Pakistani internet celebrities who got fame through their viral videos. Beygairat Brigade This is one of the recent sensation on the ... Read More »

Words Of Advice To Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Please, don’t emulate your father. Read More »

I found out my Passion is Green !

You guys may feel awkward by reading the blog’s title tha tmy passion is “Green” lol. It seems weird but this is true because the color green represent my beloved country “Pakistan”. Someone maybe passionate about photography, journalism or dancing etc, but not all of them are willing to serve their talent for their homeland. I’m now 17 and enthusiastic about multiple things but what my ... Read More »

Blame Game

Often i feel that the national game of our country should have been blame game. As this game is being played daily by our Politicians at different venues. It could be at national assembly which obviously serves as the national stadium for this game. Then we witness it daily on our news channels as blames are hurled by politicians on ... Read More »

Realigning Our Roots

As a Pakistani I find myself standing on a platform made of twigs and hoping that this make-shift ferry will survive a tsunami. Why I say this concerns less with my personal opinions and more with the daily death toll that makes headline. While all other countries are busy making lives of their people heaven, we are confused at what ... Read More »

Punjab Boards Online System

The new Punjab Boards’ online registration and academic system has cause a lot of stir recently.Newspapers and TV shows have actively criticized and deemed the system as a complete failure. Out of my shear habit of supporting things pe0ple oppose and opposing things people support, I thought I should have a look into the matter myself. Having a few friends ... Read More »

Death gives a new life

The recent deaths of Steve Jobes and Jagjit Singh have made me wonder that death gives a person, a new life. Means in our daily lives we are too busy to acknowledge the endeavors of such legends. But as soon as they depart, the world realizes that how important they were when they lived. Condolences start pouring in from all ... Read More »


The world is full of things that we don’t even know of. There are places some people may have never seen in their lifetime. Same is the case with  most of us Pakistani’s, well majority of us Pakistani’s have not even been outside of our own province. We all have heard the ancient Chinese story of the “frog living in ... Read More »

SZABIST, 8th Convocation: Moment of Cheer Joy

8th October, 2011 was one of the most important days of my life oh yes, it was my graduation day; something which I never ever expected to be true. However, studying at SZABIST brought in a lot of changes within me, both personally and educationally-all positive changes. Though our semester ended in May, 2011 but we all were very anxiously ... Read More »

Student Mentor: An Experience Worth the Rememberance

Since many days I have been hearing these two words “Student Mentors” from many people; these two words made me think about a lot of things, mostly our society and its growing social issues. Read More »

The Real Supermen

The fast-modern age of 21st century has changed the outlook as well as the pace of thoughts of every human that has come after a long way of evolution. Specifically talking about the society(Pakistan) in which i have been breathing since birth, the drastic changes in the attitudes,thoughts and mind-set of the people especially the young generation have been appreciating ... Read More »

Let’s Have Some “Kachee Goliyan”

Some time ago my good friend Hifzah virtually browbeat me into “Like”ing a Page on Facebook, called Kachee Goliyan. It was recently created and one of its creators, Ramish Safa, used to be her student. When I checked it out I groaned, “Not another cartoonist-wannabee” It wasn’t anything against Kachee Goliyan or its concept creators. I was a fan of Jay’s Toons, ... Read More »

Enlighten Pakistan

ENLIGHTEN PAKISTAN-A JOURNEY TO RECOVERY Pakistan is a proud nation because of its unique ideology and epoch-making history.  Its geography has made it a focus of the world. It is not the first time that we are confronting uncertainties but from the nascent stage we have taken myriad conspiracies head-on. When Pakistan came into being, the Indian Premier predicted that it would last only ... Read More »

“Yes” Together we are the solution

Well when we talk about ethnicity in Pakistan, there’s always a negative response from people residing in different ethnic regions. Witnessing our elders the Y-generation also caught up by the ethnic fire and it burnt their harmonic feelings for each other. They’re forced to do riots for the sake and respect of their particular regions. Not many governmental or non governmental organizations aren’t taking such initiatives  to bring youth from different shades of culture ... Read More »

The Day That Changed It All

It’s been a decade since the Twin Towers went down, a decade since I watched in absolute confusion at my television screen, as the news story emerged and evolved on the international media, a decade since the onset of the Global War on Terror. Time, I believe, to sit back and reflect on what has been, undeniably, a decade of ... Read More »

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