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Are We Moving Towards Masochism?

Every Pakistani is dissatisfied and disappointed by the circumstances faced by the country. There are certain contributions to this current state of cognitive dissonance. We are impatient to evolve and hence looking for a magical elixir or waiting for someone to rescue our rapidly sinking boat. To put simply we are looking for “a shortcut for ourselves” and that too ... Read More »

Ramazan: Seeking Salvation

How easy is it to drag your feet to the dining table, to be called to devour exotic, savory dishes, without having known who has prepared the feast or more importantly, who has paid such for such extravagance. As one enters the dining room, a whole army of scents encircles your nose, all clamoring for attention. Everything is in order; ... Read More »

One Collective Roar!

We have adopted two traits that are beginning to haunt us on a national scale; one being that of giving up and entering into a resignation mode, the other being that of embracing disintegration and divide with generosity. And in times like these, it is easy to blame external elements for everything that goes wrong. I asked myself if this ... Read More »

Happy Independence Day Pakistan

Today is the 64th Birthday of our beloved country Pakistan. This is a day of celebration for all Pakistanis, whether at home or abroad. I recently came across a term earlier this month, ‘Pakophilia’. Pakophilia is a term used to describe love for all aspects of Pakistan, ranging from its culture and history to its food and people. I can ... Read More »

What Makes Our Nation- A dead Nation?

“8 died today in Karachi’s target Killing”, Newscaster on a private news channel reported. Being fed up of this Karachi-Unrest news I changed the channel and there was even drearier news waiting for me- “the number of death tolls has reached 34, as more than 50 are known to be seriously injured”, the reporter was yelling at the site of ... Read More »

Archaic inhabitants of the Modern State

  Whenever an architect, a designer, a painter etc makes anything all of them envision a particular use of there creation and tailor it accordingly. Likewise, when the First Muslim Nation State was carved out of India. Its architects’ also envisaged particular goals/plans for its inhabitants. However, what exactly these goals/plans were cannot be stated with authority because every now ... Read More »

State of legal education in Pakistan: its implications and ramifications

The significance of education can be discerned from the fact that the first verse to be revealed to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) commended:   “ Read! In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created, created the man, out of a clot of congealed blood: Read! And thy Lord is most bountiful, He who taught (the use of) the ... Read More »

Youth can make a Positive Pakistan !

The youngsters are the Nation builders and deciders of the Future. The Destiny of nations is in hands of youth. They have a bright sense of hard-working, modern approach, innovation and advancement. These are the people if guided correctly , then can play a magnificent role in the progress of Pakistan not only economically but also by socially and practically. As ... Read More »

Mukhtar Mai, Law & Our Society

Recently when the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted accuses, in the Mukhtar Mai’s case, it came under heavy fire from Civil society, Media and Common Men. The gist of everyone’s criticism was that Supreme Court of Pakistan had wrongly acquitted the accuses in  Mukhtar Mai  case because these people were known for having committed rape in the broad day light ... Read More »

Coke Studio: Changing Aspect of Pakistan Music

Coke Studio is currently in it’s fourth season and is still going as strong as ever. The show which is a one hour program is touching the hearts of every citizen of Pakistan and people are waiting eagerly for every episode of the season. Coke Studio, which was described as a fusion show has really lived up to it’s expectation ... Read More »

Bol (The Movie based on social issues)

A Pakistani film “Bol” which was released last month has became a Blockbuster in no time and has made the business record of 25.038 million in relatively short time. Like always, the film producer Shoaib Mansoor has again proved that the Pakistani Film Industry is at his best . A large number of fans and even families making beeline outside the ... Read More »

Violence in Karachi — Who Owns Karachi??

Karachi is a metropolitan city. people from almost every major creed and religion live here. Karachi is the 19th largest city in the world. to my information it is also bigger than 3 countries and five times bigger than Singapore. It is known locally by many names such as “The City of Lights” (روشنیوں کا شہر) “City of Quaid” and “Bride of the Cities” (عروس ... Read More »

Our Land Has Become a Graveyard

[show_avatar align=center] My cities are burning My people are dying Who else is it apart from us? We are killing, We are getting killed Our land has become a graveyard The day began with news of Karachi burning, of how 80 people were killed in the space of 72 hours. And then I knew that the city that I ... Read More »

Nerd Glasses (Grand mammas glasses) are back in fashion :)


Nerd Glasses Nerd Glasses are back in fashion and you might be wondering whether these are the very same glasses that grand mammas wore way back in the 1970s :). Yes! These are the very same glasses and are now the craze of both the young and the old alike. These glasses have become the mainstream fashion and you can ... Read More »

So Mr. Chairman, How’s the air-conditioning?

So Mr. Chairman, How’s the air-conditioning ? I presume, you are, at this given instant, sitting in your centrally air conditioned office. Trying. To. Think. How to bridge the burgeoning energy shortfall. Perhaps, it would help if you switched off the air conditioning for a while. It would help even more if you make a covert inspection of any market ... Read More »

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