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Child Labour, a Curse

Child Labour, a Curse

Childhood is nearly unforgettable, innocent yet most joyous stage of human life cycle, indeed it is. But what about those children who are living below the poverty line? Their guardians are some how unable to provide them with the basic necessities of life? It’s not their mistake that they were born in the poorest family or they belong to any slum. Such child is not considered as a sweetheart for their family but another earning soul for the family. Whom should they blame? Unfortunately, like many other Asian and African countries Pakistan is another victim of this curse. Other world countries are busy in boosting up their economy, whereas in Pakistan we are so much confused in our own issues that our government and other accountable organizations are almost near to failure in emitting this issue from this country.

Possible reasons behind child labours are, lack of income, parental illiteracy, having a large size of family. The literacy rate is getting lower day by day, on the other hand the dynamic increase in population is arising the issue of child labour at a very high rate. What child labour actually is? Child labour is employment of children in any work that withdraws children of their upbringing, meddles with their capacity to focus regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally hazardous and hurtful. This practice is going on since long and is the most terrible form of child misuse. We approximately everyday see the example of this curse on our roads in the form of children selling flowers, toys and other cheap stuff mainly on signals, they ran behind the cars, people yell at them or sometimes beat them but, without any fear they continue with their work, many of them meet death in the form of road accidents but regrettably, we have no one who take the responsibility of controlling this issue. Another live or every day example we see at our homes(not all of us) is of the maids, who came along with their little daughters hardly of eight or nine years & make them learn washing, cleaning & cooking instead of getting them admitted in any school. They leave them to work alone at someone’s home and we have heard many real life stories that the child was beaten to death because he or she was not doing the given work on time. Sometimes they got extreme punishments for not completing their tasks. That’s the irony of poverty.. Many of the time reason behind that was that they have no one at their home who earns for them & they have a very large family or the father of the child is into drugs or in any other illegal activities. That is why they are compelled to take work from their child for the sake of money. The issue isn’t stop on the matter of money, there are many innocent lives that are under the control of those people who provides those drugs and other addicted stuff like that and in return they took their different sort of work from them. One of the worst example we are witnessing since long is even infants are not safe from this curse. Parents carry them along with them on the roadside begging, let them stay playing on footpaths or they even give them to mafia’s those are running this begging business across the city in return of money, the women inject the infant with drugs or other medicines so they keeps on sleeping all day. Such child’s become victim of many deadly diseases when they start growing up and put harmful impacts on other lives around them. These were few examples of urban areas, the story is quite different in rural areas as there child was bound to do such labour and live a life of a slave I order to pay the amount of loan. This is one of the terrible examples of all. Children are meant to be kept like a flower; they should handle with care as they are the only asset for any nation in order to take that nation to other level. The future of any nation is totally depending on them without any doubt, and if we don’t put them on the right path, we in the long run would be no where in this world.

Child labour leads to many severe impacts on the economy of any country, in the form of declining literacy rate to declining economic growth. If we leave the poor innocent lives of our nation uneducated, the end result would definitely be worsen. It is beautifully written by Grace Abbott that, “Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time.”

Instead of waiting any more for any action by our government and other law and forces, there are many non profit organizations are working for this cause, I’ve recently volunteer with one known as “Initiator – human development centre” where I met with a twelve or fourteen year old child who was laboring for his family residing at some slum area near Saddar. Beside his work he got education and learned his hobby of painting, and now he is working with dawn group on a very junior level posts but in a very respected manner.

He was really confident and is an inspiration for his other mates who were working with him. Just like that we should make it our responsibility not to take work from them, being an educated youngster of Pakistan if each one of us basic-educate a single child by their own we would get rid of this curse very soon.

Written By:

Maria Izhar – a dreamer & an intellectual!

By profession a young Human Resource Management grad. by passion a creative writer, blogger and a content developer. A creative soul, fashion-ista, multitasking, and above all Blunt & Observant. I have an aim to inspire others in a positive mode and I deem that I’ll be able to attain it one day very soon!


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