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Declining Standards of Education in Sindh Pakistan

Declining Standards of Education in Sindh Pakistan

One can not refrain the fact that our education standard is acutely abating. In this epoch when every emulating country is progressing day by day our country is facing such problem. Education is the commodity which is responsible for any country’s depreciation or burgeon advancement.On one hand our illiteracy rate is so high and on the second, the problem of education standard is jeopardizing our country.

The educational standard of our country can be divided according to the regions and provinces. We can have a look at the results of competitive exams and one can easily gauge that the education standard of Sindh is quite low as compared to other province’s standard.

What are the main reasons? And what are the remedies ?

The reasons are quite simple, firstly the books we are studying are not up to the mark. The books for intermediate and matriculation have not been updated for decades, our ancestors, father and us have studied the same books. In fact I am horrified, my offspring would study those same books too. In this era when the science and knowledge about various subjects is being updated our books are still stagnant and are having the same old curriculum. This not only affects an intermediate but also the students in prestigious universities, which face many problems because of the poor college base.

Secondly, political clout is involved in the selection of teachers. The teachers appointed in public schools are not really adroit. An adroit teacher doesn’t need any clout or help for the job. Our political demagogues, who have the power in their hands and have the ordain to appoint anyone for the respected job, are no doubt responsible for this pathetic condition of our education standard.

What should be the remedies ?
The answer is pretty simple, Government should take concrete steps and should point out those vanguards which are using their powers for illegal and immoral activities. Government should also revise our curriculum. The new curriculum should be devised according to the new developments and advancements in the world. They can get an idea of topics from international curriculums which are perfectly devised for the students at the discretion of teachers and authorities’ mutual attempts.

forumWritten by: Abdul Manan
1st year Civil Engineering student at MUET-Jamshoro.
He likes to read and write articles.

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