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Design Engineer At University Of Technology, Eindhoven, Holland

Deadline: 15 December, 2012
Open to:  recent university graduates and in particular to engineers and Master’s  graduates from the disciplines of chemical engineering, applied physics,  mechanical engineering, food technology, and bio-process and environmental  engineering
Remuneration: €1,650


Eindhoven University of Technology is specialized in technical scientific  research and provide highly regarded training and research programs. The  Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry is one of the nine  departments of Eindhoven University of Technology. It was established in 1957.  The department has approximately 500 employees, 16 full professors, 370  undergraduate students and about 170 graduate students.

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at University of  Technology in Eindhoven offers position as a Post-master Design Engineer (PDEng  trainee). The post-masters program Process and Product Design is directed  at the broad field of the process and product industry and aims to prepare the  course participants for leading functions in the field of process design and  knowledge-intensive product development. The objective is to develop their  ability to define feasible targets, to identify and acquire the available means,  and to synthesize these skills in the form of a completed result within the time  agreed on.


During the first (curricular) year of the program, advanced knowledge and  skills are taught in block courses by lecturers who nearly all come from  industry. All courses have been set up specifically for trainee design engineers  and are completed mostly in teams (but students are evaluated individually). The  composition of the group of course participants in the program Process and  Product Design is multidisciplinary and of an international nature.

After the curricular year, the technological design projects are carried out  in the second year of the program. These are challenging projects with a high  reality value that are aimed at the development of the trainee design engineers’ abilities. In the project, a specific design objective must be reached within a  restricted period of time and with limited means. Projects have an integrative  character through the application of several (sub)disciplines. A design  assignment is distinct from a research assignment in that the emphasis lies on  synthesis (rather than on analysis), and account is taken of the technical and  economic preconditions. You will be coached by experienced design engineers from  industry and by TU/e staff with clear and relevant design experience. You will  acquire independence and learn to make choices and work well in a project-based  manner.

After having completed all components of the curricular part and defended the  design project in a public presentation and in a closed session with an  examination committee, course participants will be presented with a certified  diploma by their supervising professor during a graduation ceremony of the Stan  Ackermans Instituut. The design engineers are entitled to bear the degree ‘Professional Doctorate in Engineering’ (PDEng) and will be entered as PDEng  into the register of the Royal Dutch Institute for Engineers.


The Post-Master’s Program Process and Product Design (PPD) is open to recent  university graduates and in particular to engineers and Master’s graduates from  the disciplines of:

  • chemical engineering,
  • applied physics,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • food technology,
  • bio-process and environmental engineering.

Graduates from other disciplines must follow a supplementary program that is  agreed upon in consultation.

Intake in the PPD program is both multidisciplinary and international.  Candidates must have an academic degree (MSc) with a technological or similar  background. Foreign course participants must have a firm background in chemical  engineering.


Course participants are paid a monthly salary of approximately €1,650 (before  taxes) by University of Technology in Eindhoven.


Applicants are requested to send:

  • a well-motivated application
  • an extensive curriculum vitae
  • translated certificates certified by their University
  • certified lists of marks
  • two letters of recommendations from two professors
  • a copy of their passport
  • a passport photograph
  • the address of the website of the university and department where they  received their certificate

Deadline is 15 th December, 2012.

Application form you can find on the official website

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