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Deutsche Welle Internship Opportunity

Deadline: in Bonn: all year round; in Berlin: October for the period between January and June; April for the period between July and December
Open to:
students at least in their third semester of studies with some experience of journalism in radio, TV, or multimedia
DW-RADIO, DW-WORLD.DE, DW-AKADEMIE and the communications department in Bonn or Berlin

A successful career in journalism is something many dream of. An internship offers young journalists the chance to get to know the journalistic day-to-day business and gather valuable practical experience.

In principle, internships with Deutsche Welle are possible in all departments in which journalistic work is carried out: DW-RADIO, DW-TV, DW-WORLD.DE, DW-AKADEMIE and the communications department.

The placement generally last one to two months and begins on the first working day of a month.

Deutsche Welle places great emphasis on involving the trainee as much as possible in an editorial department’s day-to-day work. The more practical experience the trainee already has, the better his or her chances of being allowed to carry out journalistic or editorial tasks.

Applicants for an internship at Deutsche Welle must fulfill certain requirements – then the selection process begins with a formal application.


Eligible candidates must:

  • be at the earliest after the third semester of studies
  • have some experience of journalism in radio, TV, or multimedia


Candidates need the following documents for application:

  • Cover letter stating the desired time frame, preferred editorial department and chosen specialized area (at DW-TV: news, business, sport, current affairs magazine or culture)
  • Curriculum vitae with photograph
  • Certificate of matriculation
  • Details of previous practical experience
  • Written, published samples of your work (max. 3-5) — no electronic media
  • Proof of foreign language abilities, if a placement in a foreign language department is desired (at DW-TV: if your native language is Arabic, English or Spanish, you may also apply for a placement in the respective department.)

For an internship with DW-RADIO, DW-WORLD.DE, DW-AKADEMIE and the communications department in Bonn applications may be submitted all year round by mail or by e-mail.

For an internship with DW-TV in Berlin applications for the period between January and June have to be submitted in October of the preceding year. A decision will be made in November.
Applications for the period between July and December have to be submitted in April. A decision will be made in May. Applications may be send by mail or by e-mail.


Deutsche Welle
Journalistische Ausbildung
Bernhard Graf von der Schulenburg
Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3
53113 Bonn


Fabian von der Mark
Voltastraße 6
13355 Berlin

The Official Webpage

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