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Education, but at a cost

Since in late 2009, I took admission in Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, which was situated at blue area, at that time. I was very happy about the situation that I am going to learn new skills, I would have new environment of learning and most important thing, my education would be complete very soon, Hundreds of people and dozens of departments and services was busy with preparations to welcome the new batch of 2009 to their new home. My degree was of 3.5 years.

I was very satisfied and amazed that how conscious the whole university team was to making university clean and comfortable for students.

After three semester  university was shifted to Expressway, Kahuta Road, Zone-V Islamabad near Sawan or Sihala River, where chancellor of university constructed a very well designed, equipped university, which had been refurbish to the highest standard. An idiomatic expression came in my mind they thrown out the baby with the bath water, something good was eliminated when tried to get rid of something bad.

Cleaning staff was employed by the University to help maintain a maximum standard in the communal areas of the building i.e. stairs, and corridors, which made it more comfortable place of education. Lake was a reflection of the health and activity occurring in the surrounding landscape fresh air and fresh water, which was giving a mind blowing feeling. In the beginning I felt very relax, but as soon as the time is passed, the reality disclosed to me that we was living in a comfortable and clean environment at the cost of others, due to construction of university many of restaurants and hostels are constructed nearby and they use to through their garbage and sanitary system in the sihala lake. Industrial and residential waste dumped directly into the Sihala Lake and it began taking its toll on the population. Water pollution in the Sihala Lake caused outbreaks of dangerous and deadly diseases.

The pollution became unsightly causing pungent and sickening odors. Within few months I felt sometimes air was full with smell and water with Disposable Glasses, Plats rappers.

While making such educational institutions, which are considered best investment, key to success and development and also makes uncountable scholars, why we forget the teaching of holy Quran which is best guidance and teaching forever?

Quran says:  “And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on the earth,” they say, “We are but reformers.”} [Quran, chapter 2, verse 11]

{And cause not corruption upon the earth after its reformation. And invoke Him in fear and aspiration. Indeed, the mercy of Allah is near to the doers of good.}  [Quran, chapter 7, verse 56]

As a result of such decision, feelings of panic, anger, anxiety, disorientation, and despair emerge in residential areas nearby

In open section issue was raised by one of my friend whose relatives were residential of that aria. He made them aware about their feeling and university was also decided to take positive steps toward the problem, I think the solution to the problem is more complicated than the Problem. For the sake of arguments if university takes positive steps toward the problem than what would happened to those reputed restaurant and hostels who consider it God gifted waste dumping place. Many hotels, restaurants and universities lining the misused the River by using it as their personal and commercial sewer line

We are being an Islamic country but it’s limited up to the tag, we are not practicing it, The Quran says much about the environment… in brief: humans are guardians of God’s Creation (Quran 6:165), and we should not create disorder/ pollution (Quran 30:40) – especially as Quran/ Islam came to humanity, not just this generation for us to use to our heart’s content. Only humans’ need the guidance of a scripture as only the human species has a free will; but we are only allowed to live while obeying the guidance of ALLAH and Holy Prophet (PBUH) I don’t Know why for our profit we forget the others who are being badly affected by that, why universities are consider a symbol of higher education while disobeying the Teaching of Holy Quran all what was discussed This is not a coincidence, but it emphasizes importance of issue.

The author Saeed ur Rehman is a student of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University.


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