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ESP Guitar Scholarships, Musicians Institute, USA

The ESP Guitar Scholarship, sponsored by the ESP Guitar Company, is awarded each Fall and Spring to a student enrolling in the Associate of Arts in Performance (Guitar) program who demonstrates outstanding musicianship in the Rock genre. The scholarship is applicable for students enrolled in the Guitar performance program only, and may not be transferred to a non-performance program emphases (Audio Engineering, Music Business, Independent Artist, Guitar Craft, or Film) within an AA degree.

Application Deadline:

For Programs Beginning: Spring 2014

Submit Application By: Feb 28, 2014


  • Enroll in the Associates of Arts in Performance (Guitar) program only
  • U.S. or non- U.S. citizen.
  • Demonstrate outstanding musicianship in the Rock genre.

How to apply to be considered for a scholarship:

  • A completed application (see download instructions below)
  • A video recording (DVD) format only) of you performing three (3) diverse songs (in any style within the Rock genre) on your instrument. It is recommended that this include two (2) live ensemble (band or duo) performances, and one (1) solo piece. You may use electric and/or acoustic guitars.
Tuition credit of $2,000.00 ($1,000.00 per quarter for the first two quarters of the program as long as the recipient maintains satisfactory progress). A new ESP guitar.
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