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Excellence University of Basel, Switzerland PhD Fellowships

The International PhD Program in Molecular Life Sciences “Fellowships for Excellence” invites motivated young scientists from all over the world to apply for a PhD student position at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel in Basel, Switzerland.

Application Deadline: 30 June 2014

Perks and incentives

Acceptance into the “Fellowships for Excellence” program is highly prestigious due to the rigorous selection process. Accordingly, successful completion of a “Fellowship for Excellence” is widely recognized as an outstanding achievement for the future career of fellows. In addition, other incentives have been made available to “Fellowships for Excellence” PhD students to support their scientific and personal growth. For example, the following perks have been awarded, are presently in place or are planned for future implementation (annual changes may apply):

  • comprehensive evaluation by the Biozentrum faculty, 1-2 rotations in  2 different labs (2 months each), fellowship provided by the “Fellowships for Excellence” program (for 3 years): fellows are highly sought-after by the group leaders at the Biozentrum
  • a personal, annual stipend, e.g. to allow attendance of meetings, acquisition of books or computers (currently CHF 6’000 total for 3 years)
  • preferential registration for some courses in the Biozentrum Graduate Teaching program
  • yearly study trip to a city with ties to Siemens, e.g. Berlin, Munich, St. Petersburg
  • financial support for travel to postdoctoral interviews at the end of the PhD thesis
  • support for the preparation of the personal CV and postdoctoral application by Biozentrum faculty members in the “Fellowships for Excellence” committee
  • personal certificate of acceptance into the “Fellowships for Excellence” program
  • scientific meetings and networking opportunities with current “Fellowships for Excellence” students and alumni
  • Application to the International PhD Program in Molecular Life Sciences of the Biozentrum
Further Details:
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