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Fashionable Gadgets You Can Wear

Fashionable Gadgets You Can Wear

As I always emphasize, for a lot of us, tech is a very significant part of our lives. Come on, admit it, I think hardly anyone these days wants to go even a day without their cell phone or their online social network. But for those few of us who are up and above the average consumer, we always look for more and more creative ways to integrate technology into our lives. This particular use however does not only relate to the hardcore techies, instead I think that everyone can enjoy it in one way or another.

Mobile phones, laptops, digital music players, they are all mainstream right?? I mean pretty much everyone uses them. Another thing that everyone these days is so fond of is dressing up and the world of fashion. Technology once again brings a merger. This time around, the merger is between the tech that you use and the fashion that you wear. Have a look at these cool wearable gadgets that do a lot more than just make you look good.

Hoodie with Integrated Headphones

Hoodie Buddie

This one is as simple as it is remarkable. We all love to listen to music while on the go and always carry a pair of headphones around with us. This hoodie combines a cool looking item of clothing with integrated headphones and a 3.5mm jack hidden in the pocket. From now on, every time you want listen to your music, just hook up your music player to the pocket jack, and insert the drawstrings with earplugs into your ears and blast away. The built-in headphones are waterproof and the hoodie is machine washable. The greatest benefit of this is that now you don’t have to worry about the tangled up wires either.

Bluetooth Bracelet
Bluetooth Bracelet

This one is pretty neat. The cool looking bracelet houses a LED screen and a Bluetooth receiver that hooks up the bracelet to your cell phone. The bracelet vibrates when you receive an incoming call and shows the contact information of the person calling on the LED screen. So from now on, whenever you have your phone in your pocket, you don’t have to worry about not hearing it ring, or while you are sitting in class or in a meeting, you don’t have to pull it out to see who is calling. It also has the ability to reject an incoming call straight from the bracelet.

Bluetooth iRing

iRing Bluetooth Ring

Apple fan boys take note. Another Bluetooth enabled gadget that hooks up to either your iPod touch or iPhone and allows you to control the music playback on your device. The ring allows you to play, pause, and skip forward/backward by just tapping the touch sensitive buttons on the ring. This is particularly useful when you have your music player in your pocket or in the backpack. The ring also radiates in a very cool blue glow that makes it even cooler to wear.

MP3 Sunglasses
Oakley Thump

This is not a new concept but it is one that is still popular nonetheless. A lot of companies have tried to imitate this feat, but Oakley is the company that does it best. The glasses that Oakley makes are called the Oakley Thump and they come with an onboard MP3 player. In addition to looking futuristic, the MP3 player is actually not half bad, and the sound quality provided through the built-in headphones is actually decent. With the Oakley Thump, you also don’t have to worry about lugging your tangled up headphones and you get the added benefit of pretending to be Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible II, although you do that at your own risk of embarrassment.

Cellular Phone Watch
Cell Phone Watch

With more and more variants coming out every day from our neighboring country, these have become popular and talked about devices. What is more important now is that as more companies manufacture watches with built-in cell phones, your choice in which one to buy increases. The first ones out in the market were, simply put, ugly. But now as more companies focus on form as well as function, you have the luxury of owning a decent looking piece. Just don’t expect these little things to perform the same as your dual-core super powerful Smartphone. They do however are an attention getter as things stand.

Biometric Wallet

Biometric Wallet

If this doesn’t catch your eye and impress you, I don’t know what will. Even though the functionality is limited, the idea behind it is super cool. The wallet made by Dunhill has a built-in fingerprint reader on it that only allows you to open up the wallet and access your contents after you run your finger through the biometric detector. This may not be very useful if your wallet gets stolen as Im sure that the thief will pry it open with a hammer, but if its lying around the house, you don’t have to worry about an unwanted person gaining access to your cash or contents. Also, the cool factor associated with this gadget is very high and if you get one, you will surely make your mark amongst your peers as hardcore techie.


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