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For Your Highness Merits Acclaim

For Your Highness Merits Acclaim

[show_avatar align=right]It is no secret that Pakistan has been ruled by a tiny elite since independence. The inability of this minority to even develop a basic system of social infrastructure showcases how the potential of our country has been ruthlessly squandered. The double standards of this group are blatantly visible. How easy it is to sit in an air conditioned room and feel for the millions entrapped in a sea of darkness. How easy is to sit in adorned houses and yet talk about how your heart comes out for the homeless and the destitute? This height of hypocrisy is an art perfected by our very politicians. They specialize in deceit, forgery and the changing of lies into reality.

The elite have shamelessly been involved in corruption and mismanagement, the scale of which only grows with time. Their greed knows no bounds for even when they have millions in foreign bank accounts, their insatiable lust for wealth is not quenched. I sometimes wonder whether our dear politicians have souls or even a conscience as, even the most heartless of beings would recognize the terrible injustice and awful state of the impoverished. A more cogent explanation states that they have closed their eyes, refusing to accept the ground reality. Or perhaps they have been so blinded by the inexorable pursuit of wealth that they have killed their conscience with their very hands.

Pakistani politicians have established a reputation for high class entertainment. Amusement of such quality that it would put professional comedians to doubt their own abilities. Politicians can be so easily dismissed through funny jokes and biting satire. Politics, contrary to what people may argue is in fact a very noble profession. It involves the service of the impoverished and differs from other vocations in the amount of respect and responsibility entrusted to the one in power. It is rather sad to state that in Pakistan, the very core of this dignified work has been demeaned to a point where laughter comes about as a natural response.

The same faces, the same individuals have roamed the corridors of power since the last two decades. Even when their promises have turned out to be blatant lies, the people have elected them once again into office. One of the major problems of Pakistan is the absolute dearth and paucity of leadership that is incorruptible and sincere. The elite have been tried and tested one too many a time. The only hope for our country lies with the common man in the street. You may think that a single person cannot change the system but collectively, the masses hold great power. Witness the current tide of uprisings in Egypt, where the sheer scale of people’s power is in open display. Pakistanis are too distracted by ethnicity to visualize their common destiny as denizens of the land of the pure. Only a grass root uprising can change the system, for even if the present government is toppled, the forces that have run the show for six decades will retain their grip on Pakistan.

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