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International Students Junior Research Associate Scheme in UK

The Doctoral School is offering a number of Junior Research Associate (JRA) awards for the summer vacation of 2014, worth up to £1,800 each.

Application Deadline: 11 April 2014

The purpose of these awards is to provide an opportunity for talented and ambitious undergraduates to participate in original research with staff and other members of the University community during the summer vacation of 2014. It is expected that JRAs will be seriously considering post-graduate research and the scheme aims to help them realise this ambition.

Following the success of last year’s JRA Research Poster Exhibition, attended by over 100 members of the University community, JRAs will be expected to produce a conference-style A1 research poster for presentation at an Exhibition held on the University of Sussex campus on in September (date tbc). The poster printing will be paid for by the University and would therefore not affect the bursary paid directly to the student. The posters provide JRAs with an opportunity to publicise the research they have been conducting over the summer vacation and gain valuable presentation skills.

Award amount

A bursary of up to £1,800 for undergraduate students in the middle year of their degree


JRA awards are available to all Schools of the University of Sussex, including Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS). Any undergraduate student in the ‘middle’ years of their degree studies (ie. not the first or last year) and currently registered at the University of Sussex (or BSMS) is eligible to apply.

Further Details:

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