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Internship Program at Pakistan Tobacco Company

Battle Of Minds (B.O.M.) is an exciting and interactive platform that was launched in Pakistan for selected universities in 2008. After a brief hiatus Battle of Minds has re-emerged in 2014 better than ever.

B.O.M. has a rich legacy in South Asia Area (SAA) as one of the most successful competition based platforms to source the crème de la crème talent from a broad spectrum of universities across the academic landscape in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Battle Of Minds offers each participant the opportunity to test their skills against a very structured and rigorous assessment process. Each participant, irrespective of the stage they progress to within the competition will have a valuable experience in determining their future direction and choices.

You have to in it to win it.

PTC offers a chance for candidates to showcase their skills and abilities throughout the competition and the ones that emerge as the best will qualify to the advanced stages of the recruitment process. Elimination from B.O.M does not preclude you from future selection within PTC.

*Note: Junior students (those who are applying for internship at PTC) can only apply via BOM Competition to secure their chances for internship in PTC.

B.O.M. Design/Process

Stage One:

Short listing will be carried out on the online form available for download and the entire information will be diligently screened by trained assessors and the ones deemed best shall be pushed forward. So be unique and make sure you represent yourself in the best way possible. (Form is attached with this announcement)

Stage Two:

Shortlisted candidates from stage one will be evaluated at either their universities or central locations in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. The evaluation duration will be 1 hour 30 mins.

Stage Three:

Candidates shortlisted from Stage 2 will be consolidated into their respective university groups. A set of assessments will take place adjudicated by PTC assessors.

*Candidates tested at central locations will be incorporated into location based teams.

Stage Four:

Candidates advancing to stage 4 can expect to have their lateral thinking, practical and strategic mindset put to the test.

Stage Five (Finale):

Details will be revealed prior to event to the finalists.
*Students ineligible for jobs due to academic commitments will be waited upon till graduation and will go through the final recruitment phases then.

Registration Form is available here: (Attached)

Please save the excel file (form) with your NIC number as the file name.


e.g. “42002-1414141-1.xlsx”

Forms with file names other than the candidate NIC number will not processed, please ensure compliance with the above mentioned guideline.

Registration Form Deadline is Tuesday 18th March, 2014, forms received after this date will not be accommodated or processed.

Send completed registration form to with the subject “BOM Internship or MT 2014”

Registration form

Deadline:18th March 2014

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