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Job Vacancies in US based IT Startup Company

Job Vacancies in US based IT Startup Company

Company Profile: 
Predictify.Me is a startup based in the US with software development offices in Karachi and Islamabad.

Official Website:


Position 1: Deployment Engineer (Amazon Web Services): 

project deployment experience with Amazon Web Services, RDS, RedShift platform. Knowledge of databases, Hadoop, Radoop, and Big Data Analytics is a big plus

Position 2: Machine Learning Expert: 
We believe Machine Learning is the Shah Wali-Ullah of Data Sciences. If you know classification, regression, clustering and dimensionality reduction. If you can differentiate between Gaussian SVM and Kernel Approximation, If you know the power of Random Forest on decision graphs, if you know where to use KNN neighbors and where to use PCA. If you can handle hierarchical clustering models, and if you don’t get offended by unsupervised classification and supervised clustering, you are an ideal candidate for this job. Let us know, wherever you are, and we will find a way to get you.

Position 3: Database Developers: 
experienced database developers with SQL, NoSQL, Oracle, and vertical databases background. Number of real life project deployments and certifications is a big plus.

Position 4: Junior Data Scientists:
If you love playing with R, statistical programming is your hobby, you think in terms of regression models, the sweetheart for you is an example of big data, you think of predictive analytics when choosing to pursue a college degree, you recall machine learning when you look at your car, every government office visit reminds you of vertical databases, and you prefer books over a date, we would like to have a word with you. If you could fit GitHub, ShinyApp, Swirl, R Revolution, Hadoop, MongoDB, Tinn-R, Lyx, Kate and BDAS Spark in a single sentence, without losing sanity, we would like to meet you.

To apply:
Send your resume at 

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