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MEREMMC – European MSc in Marine Environment and Resources

The MER MSc programme has being recognised as a Erasmus Mundus Master Course 2012 (MER EMMC); applications for the 2013-2104 Academic Year will be open in autumn 2012 and timely announced. This Joint European MSc Programme is aimed at forming such multidisciplinary graduates of transverse research profile, by attracting highly qualified and motivated students from around the world into a fully integrated world-class EU MSc programme. The original programme was conceived by SOTON, UPV/EHU, UB1 and ULg, utilising the extensive marine science expertise and experience of the (4) institutions.

Deadline: 30 Dec each year


During the 6 academic years that the programme has been running, Grants have been provided to MER students by the Consortium (e.g., approx 200.000 € per year in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012), in addition to the regular Fellowships that students can apply for in their corresponding education institutions (5 yr report).


The JPB is responsible for the coordination of admissions between Partner Universities and will follow the policy and procedures provided by the University Academic Board (UAB), for each Partner University. Each UAB is sovereign and will provide policy and procedures according to its own university rules.

  • The Programme is open to holders of a first cycle higher education degree (Bachelor degree, or equivalent) from European and Third-Country universities, in the field of biosciences, chemical sciences, geosciences, physical sciences and engineering. As such, the MER MSc acts as a conversion for aspiring marine scientists.
  • The relevance of the BSc degree (or equivalent) of the Applicant will be assessed. In cases of doubt regarding the quality of the issuing institution, external advisors will be consulted, in order to establish the status and quality of the institution concerned. In certain cases, the JPB can verify the student qualifications using Internet search networks, or through the collaboration of Associated Partners.
  • Proof of proficiency in English is essential. Proficiency in French, Spanish and/or Basque is optional.
  • Specific individual requirements will be established for each Applicant, according to his/her qualifications/prior learning, selected courses and expected academic and professional prospects. These specific requirements will be defined individually, by a system of mentor assignment to pre-registered Applicants.
  • Students will be selected based upon the quality of their degree, the level of the marks obtained in previous studies and the relevance of the competences and skill acquired during the BSc studies in relation to the MER MSc programme.
  • The Letter of Statement (where the Applicant explains his/her background, why MER MSc has been selected, and his/her prospects for the future) is a relevant criterion.
  • Relevance of work experience, motivation, and future career objectives, as well as any additional information provided in the mentor’s report, will also be taken into consideration in reaching a final decision.

Offers will be made only to those Applicants that satisfy the requirements for entry, as set out above, for whom the supplemental information is deemed satisfactory according to the JPB. All members of the JPB have to agree to the admission of an Applicant, so that there is shared understanding and agreement on the calibre of applicants acceptable onto the Programme. If one member of the JPB does not wish to admit an Applicant, that Applicant will not be admitted to the Programme.

The JPB will decide whether any exceptional circumstances, or special considerations, should allow for deviation from one or more of the admission criteria set out above.

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