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Mobile App Camp, Skopje

Deadline: none provided
Open to: app  developers and mobile start-ups interested in commercial mobile applications
Venue: Skopje Fair – Skopje, Republic of Macedonia from 30  November to 2 December 2012


Mobile AppCamp is a 72-hour mobile application development event where  participants will learn, design, develop and launch commercial mobile  applications for smartphones with all operating systems. The camp brings  together developers and mobile start-ups with experienced experts and successful  entrepreneurs in a creative and productive environment where the new generation  of mobile applications will be launched.

Under the initiative of ECAbit (Eastern European and Central Asian Business  Incubators and Technology Parks Network, part of the global incubators network  of infoDev, the Mobile AppCamp  will help developers and mobile start-ups  explore the benefits of working in multicultural teams to develop commercial  mobile applications with a potential for successful penetration on the global  market. They will work under intensive mentorship by domestic and foreign  experts. For more information about these mentors see  HERE.

The camp program is set to foster the creation of innovative mobile  applications with potential to grow into the new generation of self-sustaining  mobile startups. Mobile AppCamp will last from 30 November to 2 December  2012 in Skopje, Macedonia. The event is organized by Youth Entrepreneurial  Service (YES) Foundation and Swedish Trade Council.

Teams will present their app mockup at the end of day three before the  official jury of the camp. Each team will have the opportunity to explain why  their app is the best and why millions will download it. The best teams chosen  by the jury will be awarded.

This event is free of charge, but a limited number of participants will be  selected to join the camp. Reimbursement (up to €150 gross amount)  per participant to covering travel and accommodation costs will be awarded to  the best participants. An internal jury formed by the organizers will  evaluate all applications and will award reimbursement of the travel and  accommodation costs to the best applications. Food and beverages will be  provided for all participants.


Mobile developers and mobile start-ups will participate at the event. All  participants need to submit the online  registration form available HERE, of which the organizers will select the  best to attend the event. All participants will have to form teams of at least 2  and at most 5 persons. Without a team entrants can register their idea and form  team later at the event. Teams that already have an application in development  but not yet been launched can also attend Mobile AppCamp.

All participants need to have their own laptop to work on. Working materials  will be provided by the organization.

The jury will use the following criteria for selecting participants:
  • innovative background;
  • suggested business model;
  • the problem the app solves;
  • potential for growth.

For questions and more information, contact Mobile AppCamp:

ul 16-ta Makedonska Brigada br 13B (Postal Box 776)
1001 Skopje
Republic of Macedonia +389 (0) 2 3103 660; +389 (0) 2  3103 665

You may also ask questions using the form at the original  website’s contact page.

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