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Must Have Gadgets for Football Fans

Must Have Gadgets for Football Fans

Even though the Pakistani team does not do really well in the international rankings, soccer is still a highly regarded sport in Pakistan with an ever increasing number of fans. Be it International games, the English Premier League or the Champions League, fans stay glued to television sets and cheer for their respective teams with a whole lot of passion.

Now I may not be an avid follower of the game but I know quite a few people who are. Also some of these avid soccer fans happen to be techies at the same time. I saw a swarm of status updates, tweets and text messages being sent after the recent Manchester United game. This is where the idea also came in. I think this would be an appropriate time to show off some cool gadgets that may cater to your tech needs while clearly displaying your love for the game. Mind you that if you go overboard with this, people may just plainly find you weird so choose selectively if you have to. There is no word on availability in Pakistan of some of the products, but if you are a hardcore fan, I’m sure you can figure out ways to get your hands on the stuff by alternate means. Here are some interesting ones nonetheless:

High Definition LCD Television



iPod / iPhone Dock and Speakers

Soccer iPod Dock

USB Mouse

Soccer Mouse

USB Flash Storage

Soccer USB

Web Cam

Soccer Web Cam


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