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Pakistan in 2015

Pakistan, rarely a peaceful land of peace where Youth instead of given a chance to raise voice in assemblies, there blood is shed in streets openly, where one does not feel secure to go outside, where Parchi system is common, where no one is accountable to its supervisor, where Media is biased, where Media is controlled by some particular sort of groups, where talented people are not utilized properly, where politicians are sold, where class and status matters more than anything else and above all, where We were not taught a correct history of our independence that whether the basis of Pakistan is ISLAM or secularism, more debatable, let’s get back to the topic.
Looking at the present situation, everyone has concerns regarding future because a bright future of Pakistan will be future of its countrymen. I believe Pakistan, in 2015, will be in almost same situations where it is today or even the worse and this is bitter truth and reality based on some facts we will discuss. No early elections can decide the future of Pakistan until and unless elections remain to be fair so that competent enough candidates can come in the assemblies to address the real issues. Looking at the severe critical economic and political instability in Pakistan, less political will, conflicts between Judiciary and government and a U-Turn politics by CHANGE people one can easily predict regarding the future of the country. Under employment, underprivileged are the basic problems that require serious concerns otherwise in the near future or even now, I see people who once get a chance to go abroad stays there forever just because they are not provided basic facilities.
Talking about the security environment or law and order situation of the country, this is also a major issue which resists the foreign investment on the one hand but also the local investment is declining as well. Above all, the blood is being shed of my countrymen by the organized criminal activities and this overall creates a huge negative impact of Pakistan in West and neighbor countries. These terrorist activities have a part from economic growth creates a direct impact on the local as well as foreign business community and it will keep on creating in the near future i.e. 2015 as well if not addresses with proper strategic planning. The alliance of Pakistan into war against terrorism with USA has troubled the country more than anything. This is the self proclaimed war by Pakistan making no sense because again our innocent countrymen are brutally being killed without any reason. Despite of adopting liberal policies by government in almost all business sectors, investment is not much welcomed only because of uncontrolled and immature addressing to law and order situation though the investors get good profits while operating in Pakistan and this decline of investment will further show a bigger mark in near future of 2015 if the upcoming government also fails to address this.
The relationship between Pakistan and USA has tilled to date remained stained by mistrust and misguidance. This relationship though creates a huge impact on the overall economy but since nothing in this world is given free of cost, Pakistan is paying much more cost than it is being paid, yes; my country men are being killed. It will remain an important relation on part of USA because of strategic location of Pakistan. A recent example is just on closure of Neto supply lines, It cost more than $700 million to USA. No matter which political part will rule in near future in Pakistan but I think that Pak USA relationship will not be affected by upcoming Government as I early mentioned that U turn politics in Pakistan is common whether it is PML-N or PTI or PPP again. If we look at history we can see that very soon after independence Pakistan started making relationships with USA while exchanging aid because of weak infrastructure. It will go same in future, but I believe if it has to go then please let them take every single stance against or in favor of Pakistan on equality basis.

Education is another area I think requires serious attention now to bring improvement in the near future. Education system in Pakistan especially in lower Sindh is not up to the standard. The board exams are generally considered very important in students’ academic career because the admissions in reputable university completely depend upon it but, this is not the case here in Sindh. It’s just very simple, if you can’t study Cheat in exams or give bribe in the board offices to increase percentage which is completely unethical.

Overall, I see no bigger changes in Pakistan from now to 2015 until and unless all the above discussed issues will be solved. Till then, Best of Luck, Pakistan.
Pakistan, ZINDABAD.

Written By Mustaqeem Yousfani
Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousfani, a Third year Students at SZABIST Karachi, a Youth Parliamentarian, a Passionate Blogger about Current affairs, social Issues etc. I blog at Students Of Pakistan. My passion of being a learner has lead me to become your General Secretary Operation of Students of Pakistan 2012-2013.

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