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Telecom Subscribers Growing Rapidly in Pakistan

The cellular teledensity has hit 73.32 per cent as the number of subscribers in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas reached a whooping 136.4 million by January 15 this year.

The mobile tele-density was 8.3 per cent about 10 years ago but proactive policies introduced b y the successive governments helped the sector grow by leaps and bounds and as a result it jumped to 54.6 per cent in 2007.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Wednesday said that the cellular teledensity remained sluggish this year because of registration process of millions of SIMs.

The newly imposed restrictions on the sale of mobile connection like limitation of the number of SIMs issued on one CNIC dented the growth big time.

In December last year, the teledensity was 73.11 per cent.

It is interesting to note that operators, with the help of effective marketing campaigns focusing urban and rural areas attracted 0.72 million new users in one month from December 14, 2014 to January 15, 2015.

Moreover, the teledensity (fixed, wireless local loop, and cellular) has reached a record 76.74 per cent by January 15.

The teledensity is defined as number of customers per 100 people.

Hence it is roughly said that 76.74 per cent of Pakistanis own and avail telephony services through different communication technologies

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