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Pakistanis Cold Shouldered by Youtube

Pakistanis Cold Shouldered by Youtube

Youtube.Com, is one of the most visited and popular website in the world. Millions of videos are uploaded every year on the website. Youtube recently started a partner program where uploader would get a certain share of the advertising revenue on their videos. This has encouraged and provided people around the world a incentive to upload more and more videos and bring up new ideas to attract more viewers to their videos. This has created a new trend in the world. Nowdays celebrities are made via internet. The most recent examples i could think of who got celebrity status via internet are Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston, Antoine Dodson, Iyaz  to name a few.

Many successful Youtube partners e.g. Ray William Johnson, Shane Dawson, Gregory Brothers, Higa Giga etc are earning upto 6 figure USD yearly and living a luxurious life by just making interesting videos online. They have become internet celebrities because of their millions of subscribers and viewers.

Youtube partnership program is open in majority of the countries. It is not available in Pakistan. I dont understand why everytime Pakistan is cold shouldered. Many websites and organizations are not serving Pakistanis e.g. PayPal. Google should look into this matter and open the youtube partner program in Pakistan as soon as possible. I am sure Pakistan has lot of talent and our youth has the potential to create internet sensations like Ray William Johnson. This way our youth could also earn a decent amount of money while working at home. This would encourage more Pakistanis to be more innovative.

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  1. arent Geo tv and zagham youtube partners?

  2. i just made a video about sucks to be honest

  3. pakistan is not a developing country. YouTube will never introduce partnership program in such a shit country. Well, is available in India. Everything is Available in india but nothing is here in this shitty country pakistan

  4. hello how to run youtube partner program in pakistan

  5. You can get youtube partnership through

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