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P&G Summer Internship Program 2014

Summer Internship in P&G Pakistan is a 10-to-12 week’s program which starts in the summer (June) of 2014. During the internship time you will work on real business projects which are supporting current business strategies. You will be working in multifunctional teams with on-going coaching support; will get appropriate training and tools to successfully complete your projects.
There is a wide choice of functions (departments) to choose from, depending on your interests and relevance to your majors. They are:
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Supply Network Operations
  • Customer Business Development
  • Consume Market Knowledge
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
Interns can be based at the P&G office in Karachi.

The program is dedicated to students who are 6-months to 1 year away from their graduation.


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