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Portfolio Associate required at Acumen Fund Pakistan, Lahore Office

Position: Portfolio Associate

Position Description

Acumen will hire 1 Short Term Portfolio Associate in Lahore to assist in ongoing sector research which includes detailed value chain analysis of sub-sectors. The Associate will have to identify gaps that have an impact on the BoP, with an eye towards potential investment opportunities within various sub-sectors. The sector mapping exercise will culminate in further development of Acumen Pakistan’s overall strategy within each of these sectors. The sector research will be focused on the following sectors:

• Health – invests in technology that presents an opportunity to profoundly alter market dynamics in the healthcare landscape of the developing world.
• Housing – invests in self-sustaining, scalable enterprises that focus on both supply of housing and credit for housing, and on broader financial innovations that provide economic access to the poor.
• Energy – invests capital and management support in financially sustainable and scalable enterprises that make renewable energy options accessible to the poor.
• Agriculture – invests in financially sustainable and scalable enterprises that serve to better the lives of poor farmer families by improving smallholder farmers’ to better agricultural inputs and equipment
• Education – actively evaluating innovative, scalable and sustainable investments in the education sector such as low-cost schools, teacher training, curriculum development and e-learning to name a few.

The candidate will get a well rounded view of each of the sectors including Acumen portfolio investments in Pakistan and will help develop strategy for future investments. Further, the assignment will provide an opportunity to meet and interact with various stake holders in the sector.

In addition, Acumen also provides hands-on management support to enterprises in its portfolios, and short term associates are also asked to assist with specific projects addressing management challenges of portfolio companies. Some deliverables in the past have included financial models, competitor analyses, marketing strategies, and an exploration of export opportunities.

Job Significance: The short term associate will be critical to further developing the portfolio of investments that Acumen will consider funding, and to supporting our existing investments.

Qualifications & Characteristics

• Candidate for MBA or similar graduate-level degree
• Ability to take initiative with research and analysis
• Commitment to Acumen’s mission
• Argiculture and Energy sector experience is an added plus
• Non-profit experience, international NGO experience preferred

Additional characteristics we’re looking for in all roles at Acumen:

• Commitment to, and enthusiasm for, the organization’s mission and business model, and respect for our core values: generosity, accountability, humility, audacity, listening, leadership, integrity, respect
• Moral Imagination: The humility to see the world as it is, and the audacity to imagine the world as it could be. It also includes but is not limited to the following:
o Displaying high level of empathy in all relationships and encounters
o Possessing deep self-awareness and ability to identify own strengths and weaknesses
o Actively listening and focusing on hearing what others are saying
• Good understanding of basic financial concepts and our investing model
• Solid operational skills including problem solving and project management skills, including ability to work and deliver projects independently, proactively and under pressure
• Effectively collaborates with and across teams, seeks and provides constructive feedback
• Exceptional relationship and interpersonal skills: courtesy, tact, patience and strong team orientation
• Strong communication skills and ability to be a “storyteller” of our work
• Ability to thrive when there is ambiguity, remain cool-headed when there are curve balls, and withstand the tests of a rapidly changing environment with resilience and resolve
• Curious – always questioning, always probing, and never blindly accepting
• A sense of humor (really)

• The Short Term Associate Program duration is a minimum of 8 weeks and up to 12 weeks.

Additional Information
• Applicants are responsible for covering the costs of their travel, visa and lodging
• Although applicants are primarily responsible for making arrangements for their travel, visa and lodging, Acumen Pakistan will assist the applicants with supporting documentation (employment agreement) for the visa application
• Acumen Pakistan will cover costs for domestic work related travel

Acumen offers a stipend.


Application Requirements
Please submit a resume and cover letter (not to exceed one page)

The deadline for this position is March 15, 2013

To apply: Click Here

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