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Post – Emaho Exhibition – A Creative Revolution.

Emaho is an Indian Online Magazine with the tagline of Creative Revolution. Emaho is working since last 7 months to explore the artist across the world and  promoting their work globally. Either it is a Local Musical Band or a Painting of any artist and even a Photograph of any Passionate Photographer.
Emaho has recently launched an Exhibition named as “POST” which is going to be held at Singapore comprising of  Travel & Street Photography.

POST is Emaho’s latest initiative to promote young and deserving photographers across the world .POST is a photo competition on global basis where 50 people will be selected by their panel of judges and will be given a chance to get their work displayed at Singapore on 10th February 2012.  It is very difficult for young photographers to get that exposure and get their work displayed that easily. Photography is an expensive hobby yet its more expensive to get your work showcased.  This was the reason, Emaho wanted to build a concept where they can help young and upcoming photographers.

Emaho Exhibition is a series of exhibitions , first one happening at Singapore . Their aim is to promote 50 photographers every six months and the next venue for Emaho Exhibition would be Dubai .  The reason they chose Singapore as their first venue for Emaho Exhibition was, as Photography is the first hobby of people at Singapore . And they wanted to start off with a place where people are passionate about photography . That’s why they have chosen Singapore as their first venue.
The photo competition, which is completely free to enter unlike most of the big competitions across the world . Secondly, they provide an international platform and world photography exposure to those 50 selected people as all their exhibition will be traveling to different places across the world. Thirdly, their aim is also to help the photographers financially as money plays a very important role. For this, after Singapore they will again be hosting another exhibit at Delhi where all the world would be up for sale and all the revenues collected from it goes directly to the artist, without any cuts or commission.  (This is not done by any platform based organisation across the world ). It is not like one of the online photo competitions that are happening every now and then.

Any above the age of 15 can submit for POST either on their website or they have made it very easy as it takes less than 15 seconds to upload your entry through their facebook page ( Emaho Exhibiiton )

They have got the brilliant response and have received more than 2700 entries from 23 countries . As the deadline for submissions is 25th January. Emaho Exhibition on 31st December organized photo walk ‘The last moments of 2011’ at Philippines which was a success . The next photo walk that they are planning is at Karachi or Islamabad , Pakistan.

I think there is no other platform who can promote one hidden talented artist with no cost. So why to go for the paid registrations contest. So you are not late enough to visit and upload your 3 pictures related to the theme and get your work promoted globally.

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