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Punjab Skills Development Fund Job Scheme 2013-14

Under the scheme, PSDF has a target to train above 15 years of age individuals, employable skills. All trainees must belong to the districts i.e. Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Rahimyar Khan, Khanival, Vihari, Lodhran and Muzaffargarh. The scheme finances structured vocational training courses that results in testing and certification by an accredited agency. PSDF has signed an agreement with the Punjab Board of Technical Education for testing and certifying trainees trained in 112 notified provincial trades. For other trades, the bidding organisations are required to have a testing and certification system in place with an accredited testing and awarding body.

Following types of organisations are eligible to respond to the expression of interest invited by PSDF:

  • Formal Training Institutes registered with any national / international accredited testing & certifying agency.
  • Formal Training Institutes which are not registered but regularly conduct technical / vocational training courses.
  • Public sector training institutes.
  • HEC recognized universities.
  • Legal entities in partnership with formal training institutes
  • Employers who have experience of training, such as apprentices training.

PSDF’s financing covers two main categories of training related costs.

  1. Training Fees
  2. Trainee Support.

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