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Responsibility of the youth in the present troubled times

Pakistan, our nation; a nation attained after the countless efforts and struggles of great leaders from yesteryear. A country made for the Muslims to be independent, to be free, and to have liberty. Alas, this was achieved; but not everyone got freedom and liberty as expected. The prime dilemma faced by Pakistan right from its inception is that power has always be in the hands of a few individuals and these few control the rest.

It is obvious that a nation in which the bulk of its population is uneducated; is destined to face problems. But what is the reason behind this? Why are the Pakistanis still illiterate? The answer can be found in one word; feudalism. It is a known fact that majority of our country’s population resides in the rural areas. Many of us feel that these people don’t want to be educated and are content living their simple lives. On the contrary; the individuals living in the villages are just as determined as us to educate themselves and their children. The root of this problem, that has been haunting Pakistan since many years and causing a hindrance in its progress are the feudal lords. They are fully aware of the fact that if the common people educate themselves, their positions will be threatened. The feudal lords are the ones who have since many years not allowed the people of their regions to be educated. The government tries making schools and colleges in these areas but these wrenched and selfish people request them not to; private schools are made but they are destroyed and torn down by the feudals.

The only people who can make a difference now; are us: The youth. The question arises; what are we to do in this situation? The solution is actually quite simple; it is necessary for us to visit our country’s rural areas and spread awareness among the people. Bring to their knowledge the importance of education, tell them what they are being deprived of and encourage them to stand up for their rights. Only then can we have some hope for our future.

The other problem Pakistan is facing is the corruption in the government. The individuals with high government posts are misusing their power; they are making a mockery of their high posts and treating it like a business to earn money. Bribery has reached its peak as the selfishness within them amplifies. This problem is increasing day by day as the common man is just left to live under the thumb of these leaders, while they live their luxurious lives.
The sad part about this issue is that it looks like it will be a long time before it can be solved. Irrespective of whichever political party comes into authority, this issue has always arisen. The ultimate fact is that none of the politicians actually care for their people; they only bother about their own interests. The amount of money spent on making their flags, banners and campaigning is so much that they could feed countless hungry families with it.

As mentioned before, this problem is such that it seems impossible to stop. The power rushes to the brains of a person and he/she is unable to control their greed. One solution that could work would be to instill moral values within the youth, especially honesty. This generation has already fallen victim to greed but we can save the next generation. Instead of the numerous seminars and lectures held about latest technology and development, why not hold lectures about honesty and doing the right things. If we are not taught the right way, it is obvious that we, the youth; will follow in the footsteps of the current leaders and this issue will continue for years to come.
Lastly, the problems faced by the common people could all be categorized together. There are countless little issues here and there that the common people have to face every day. Inflation, load shedding and insecurity are just a few of the numerous problems that we have to face. These are not signs of a developing country. The citizens all have varying responses to these issues; some of them have accepted them as something unchangeable and continue living in misery while some of them take out their anger and frustration by holding rallies. These rallies themselves are a cause of more troubles as they cause difficulties for everyone and nothing has ever been accomplished by having them. But what else are they supposed to do? Who are they to go to? There is no proper channel to go through that could solve the common man’s problems.
Unionization is the proper way to go about this problem. The youth should form some kind of a union or council via which they can directly communicate all the problems of the people to higher authorities. Organizations and universities have unions and councils and this method of solving problems has proved to be very effective. Since this is the era of science and technology, another thing that the youth can do is to work on developing their own methods to solve social issues. A small example could be that there are numerous ways of creating energy; there is solar energy, wind energy and many more forms.

We at SZABIST have a research villa where there is an actual windmill that provides wind energy and this is a very positive step towards solving minor issues such as load shedding. Insecurity can only be eliminated when illiteracy is eradicated; the root of street crime and terrorism lies in illiteracy. Inflation issues will themselves be resolved when the corrupt leaders are removed and truly honest people lead this nation.

Ultimately, we can draw a conclusion that the current state of our country is a mess but there is a possibility to save it. Only the next generation i.e. the youth can bring about a change. It is a very difficult task but not impossible. We all must work together as a single unit for the betterment of our country and then only can we save this nation. Think about all the efforts of our great leaders; we cannot afford to let them go to waste.

We are the future, the power lies with us

Micheal Travis Fernandes

This was one of the top 5 essays selected from all over Pakistan for the “Write for Pakistan” Competition.

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