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Revolution, is it required for change?

Revolution, is it required for change?

Since the 2010 Arab “Spring” revolting against a country’s government has become the “in” thing. On social media, on television, during political campaigns, and even during the dining table conversations, there has been a continuous call for a revolution in Pakistan. The question, however, remains, that is revolution really needed here? And if so, will it really change our country for good? Or will it take our already backward country directly to the stone ages?

Let’s start off with what revolution really means? In laymen terms, revolution is simply overthrowing a government and bringing about a change in the current political system. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But dig deeper into its meaning and it’s not as simple as it sounds. According to Karl Marx, revolution is a movement from capitalism to socialism, by force. His “permanent’’ revolution meant that the working class wipes out the upper class and brings in self governance.
So why is a revolution so frightening for some of us? For one, we are talking about a country here, which, in a global system, is linked with hundreds of other issues. Each and every country today imposes consequences on others of the decisions it takes. Look at Syria. The revolution made millions of Syrians flee their own homeland, so much that the UN has called the Syrian Refugee crisis, the humanitarian calamity’ of the century.

Other than that, in a country like Pakistan where everyone has their own ideology, their own political parties to look up to and their own religious ideas, it’s very difficult, perhaps even impossible to bring all these people to a common ground. Who would you tell them to follow for the ‘inqalab’ that everyone is calling for? PTI? Or PPP? Or PML-N? or even JUI? In a place like this where everyone has their own opinions and no respect for others’, revolutions are just a big mess. We have an example in front of us, Egypt. The Arab nationalists and Islamists are totally against each other, killing their own countrymen and what not. Egypt has totally lost its glory and everyone hates each other. Tunisia, from where this trend of revolutions started, has become instable since then.

Not to forget, revolutions are blood. It requires ‘khoon paseena’, ‘qurbani’ and a lot of guts. It is for people who are severly oppressed and frustrated so much by their system that their only option is to pick an axe and cut the heads of those they deem responsible. I don’t think anyone of us would want our nation, our Pakistan to reach to a point where a common man takes out a gun and kills everyone who he thinks is responsible for his child’s empty stomach or his mother’s death due to lack of medical care.

Even though the situation in Pakistan is really terrible with the law and order situation, the deaf and dumb leaders, terrorism and the frustration, I don’t think we need a revolution. All we need is a change, and that change, comes from within.

Start off by opening up your mind, and having some respect. Respect for other’s point of view, respect for their religion and their ideologies. Tolerate people, tolerate hatred, and tolerate criticism. Stop judging others over how they dress or pray.

And then, do good. Follow the law, even if it seems difficult. Stop at the red signal even if it means you’re late for a very important meeting. Have some principles, have ethics. Follow them. And lastly, speak against evil, speak against what’s wrong. Speak, don’t shout. If you’re harassed by the daily strikes, take a step and go to school, even if it’s difficult. If the government can’t stop the hooligans, we can, by defying their law, by defying their strikes. Don’t sit quietly, waiting for a revolution. If you see someone being harassed by the officials, something unfair being done to a common man, speak against it. Speak in front of the media, don’t just update facebook statuses. Make every single vile an issue, make it a huge issue. Don’t let it boil so much that the heat becomes unbearable. Start off now and change your nation. Our ancestors gave enough blood to give us a land, we do not need any more of it, to make it a home.

Written By: Sadia Amin Godil

A student of Social Sciences, at Institute of Business Administration hoping to major in Political Sciences. She likes reading, writing and has a great interest in current affairs.

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