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Seliger International Youth Forum 2014 in Russia

Seliger International Youth Forum 2014 in Russia

International Youth Forum Seliger 2014 is a celebration of youth and multiculturalism that will leave you with a host of positive and creative impressions.

Let’s change the world, and make it better for all of us!

Since 2005, Youth Forum Seliger has been a platform for active and involved youth from across Russia.

2010 was the year the forum went international – attracting highly motivated, highly qualified young leaders from across the world.

Inspirational young people and speakers gather each year deep in Russia’s forests, at the picturesque setting of Lake Seliger.

This unique blend of practical workshops and educational sessions quickly drew interest from hundreds of students world over.

Over 750 people from over 80 countries in the world participated in 2010.

Seliger participants, Seligerians, spread the word over the internet and social networks, sharing their photos, memories, impressions and videos on youtube.

Each year International Seliger grows and changes, as it takes on board suggestions from participants about how it can be better – and deliver more.

From lectures and group workshops, the educational program expanded to include master-classes and talks by internationally respected experts.

In 2012 the program grew again – this time to include inspirational talks by youth leaders: for young people, by young people. These changes help Seliger grow – there are more and more applicants each year.

In 2012 Seliger community grew much bigger and we’ve got some tangible achievements to boast:

1. Intenational Seliger hit top 10 ‘awesome student conferences around the globe’ (

2. International Seliger is part of the Action Plan for 2013 between The Russian Federation and the Council of Europe in the sphere of youth policy.

3. We partnered with a Seliger alumnus’ project which we consider a promise of more successes and victories to come for us in 2013!

We (the OC) want to thank you all for the tremendous input and look forward to seeing your growth, your victories, your success stories and, mainly, YOU at International Seliger 2013!
Rediscover yourself through lakeside yoga at Seliger 2013.

Yoga helps us cultivate increased self-esteem and self-awareness through targeted exercises:

Stress management
Positive thought patterns
Relaxation techniques
Yoga helps develop the ability to stay calm while you’re right there at the center of the action. It helps you keep your thoughts clear in the midst of turmoil.

Yoga exercises and postures work with the body, breath and sound, enabling young people to relax and achieve mental tranquility.

It helps you build self-confidence, balance all the myriad expectations of you, and acts as a gentle introduction to self-discipline.

Yoga helps boost overall health, which in turn increases vitality, enthusiasm and appreciation for life.

Importantly, yoga supports individual self-awareness, the ability to look within, to think independently and trust your instincts.


The Forum’s educational program will examine developing global trends, help future leaders identify possible ways of influencing these processes and strengthen their position.

We place a particular emphasis on building skills and knowledge that participants are likely to need as they develop their leadership potential.

International Youth Forum Seliger features cutting-edge training and insights delivered across a range of courses within four blocks:

Politics and International Relations
Growth and Sustainable Development
Innovation and Enterprise
Creative Media and Public Relations
Our week-long education program is targeted on current realities.

Using our experience as a platform for the international youth community, International Youth Forum Seliger 2014 offers you intellectual resources you can build on in on your projects – now and in the future.

As a Forum participant, you will be able to build your own schedule of classes from the list (to be published later).


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