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Stop Blaming – Start Working

Since the beginning and right after the establishment of Pakistan, Pakistan has faced and still facing lots of challenges.  Almost all of us are grown up hearing such hearsays that Pakistan is facing a lot of troubles and threats, Pakistan is going through the worst  ever situation of its time, the inflation rate is getting higher and higher, economy is declining, rupee value has fell down to zero in front of dollar(2013). Recession is at its boom, people are jobless, load shedding is there, water problems, and now a days people of Pakistan are facing issues like shortage of natural gas, long queues at CNG stations, strikes, market shutdowns, power failures, terrorism, looting, snatching – robberies, crimes, business sectors are shifting their businesses to other countries, whole textile sector is almost collapsed, the stock market or what not! Even after having such issues there are set of a class of people those are living their lives at the fullest, and keeps on continuing their lifestyle. But apart from them more than eighty percent of them are suffering from the after impacts of such situations.

Have you ever think of the reason behind any one of these issues? The majority of answers would be of No! That’s because it’s very easy to put blame on someone rather than pointing out where are you lacking. Being a nation our greatest lacking is; no one takes the accountability. We are so stuck and trapped in our own problems that are gifted us by our corrupt system that we would prefer that “parchi system” rather then being honest. Corruption is everywhere in this country from roots to the top. Let’s take an example when someone goes for issuance of their driving license, the officer won’t pass his driving test no matter how good driver s/he would be, until and unless they will give them some extra money or (bribe). A very common example is of traffic rules; many of us don’t follow the traffic rules. When an individual goes for an interview many of the government as well as private organizations asks them about references or in other words “parchi”. It is really sad but that’s the reality of our system.

Rather then continuing this blame game it’s our turn and duty to put an end to such activities. In the beginning it would definitely be very tough for all of us to do so, but by making it a practice we would get use to it. We can start it from a very lower level. Like for example 1) by simply following the traffic rules, 2) by simply not litter on the roads or any public places, 3) by simply promoting on the MERIT 4) by performing the ‘basic’ duties of a responsible citizen, 5) by obeying laws, on the same side by simply not braking them 6) by emitting ethnic differences as we all are Pakistani first and sindhi, balochi, pathan or punjabi afterwards, 7) we are facing power problems since long we can eliminate it by controlling our power consumptions and above all by simply paying our full utility bills on time(by avoiding electricity stealing and many others as they were just some of the basics. We all know that Pakistan is facing political instability since long, our national and international reputation is getting really indecisive. Students are getting education from here but they are not returning back to work in their own country because of the uncertainty. Families prefer to move any other country rather than staying here because of the increasing terrorism. In such situation Pakistan badly needs their youth the future of Pakistan, to run ahead take a step and put their part of brick in order to mend our homeland.

It’s high time now! We should take a step in order to put a full stop against the ones who’re busy in looting this nation. We have one of the largest coal mines in Balochistan, all we need is the right leader and the right attitude of our citizens towards the betterment of this country. We should stand against injustice, each on of us rather than watching it on news channels and sitting on our comfortable couch we should stand up raise our voice and take a step and by using our rights we should kick out such faces from top levels.

All is just the matter of taking interest! We are so not interested towards mending of our homeland that is why we as a nation are going through this critical situation. Pakistan has given us the identity, identity to look indifferent from others, we got rid of slavery of Britisher’s  and Hindus, if we don’t stand up now against the wrong doings, corruptions and injustice then we have no right t say anything bad about our government or system. Because it’s not their duty it’s our duty. All we need is the “right attitude” and first and foremost “honesty in our characters”. If we will succeed in getting these of two, sooner we would be seeing this nation on the top of the world. Insha Allah!

So stop blaming, start working!!

Maria Izhar – a dreamer & an intellectual!

By profession a young Human Resource Management grad. by passion a creative writer, blogger and a content developer. A creative soul, fashion-ista, multitasking, and above all Blunt & Observant. I have an aim to inspire others in a positive mode and I deem that I’ll be able to attain it one day very soon!



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