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TAFE NSW scholarships 2013, Australia

TAFE NSW Institutes are offering 78 new scholarships to international students to study a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or a Bachelor Degree course. Each scholarship contributes $2,000 towards the tuition fees for a TAFE NSW course.

Deadline for Semester 2: 05 April 2013

How to Apply:

Step 1
Download our Scholarship Application Form
Check the Eligibility Checklist on the form to see if you meet the requirements to apply for a scholarship.

Step 2
Read the Terms and Conditions carefully. If you have any questions or need clarification on any points, please email

Step 3
Fill in every section of the Scholarship Application Form.

Step 4
In less than 200 words, write your personal statement (Section C) by briefly answering the questions. This should give you the opportunity to explain why you want this scholarship. The Selection Committee needs to read about your background, career goals and how you’ll benefit from this scholarship.

Step 5
Attach your most recent academic transcripts. You may also include any additional supporting documents listed in Section E.

Step 6
Re-read your application to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Sign and date the Student Declaration (Section F).

Step 7
Forward your application for Semester 1 or Semester 2, 2013 so that it arrives by the closing date.

Late applications will not be accepted, so you will need to allow time to write your personal statement, gather any supporting documents and submit your application by the closing date.

Click here to view details.


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