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Sugar Cartels and Corruption

The following piece was published three weeks ago on Pak Tea House There is a growing consensus that the ongoing sugar crisis could inevitably lead to a crisis of hegemony in Pakistan. Poverty reduction appears to have taken a backseat to the constant profiteering that the PPP-led government is quite brazenly engaging itself in. This has become even more conspicuous ... Read More »

Bright and Dark side of Pakistani Sports

Jinnah had a great love for sport and fully released its vital role in the development of the nation and inculcation of discipline among the masses. The first National Games were held in Karachi at the Polo Ground from 23 to 25 April, 1948. Sportsmen and officials from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and all the integrated Provincial units of West ... Read More »

Degree? Who cares!

Academic world is boring, studying is tedious and degrees are useless. Kids go to school or college to socialise and hang out with their friends, eat, drink and to avoid spending all day at home being shamed by their families into getting a job. Now, I have no problem with these bright-eyed few who equate to future greatness. I’d just ... Read More »

Ingenious & fraudulent person of Pakistan, of the decade

There are many people in politics; establishments, military and business community who always try their level best to dominate in the field of corruption and dishonesty. Taqiq Aziz beaten all almost every other person in the decade as far as cleverness and fraudulence is concern. I am sure not many people know him as it is his one of the ... Read More »

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