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Are Drones Worth it?

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Blown to Pieces

It is worth exploring how the mind of a terrorist operates, how he is led to believe that life is a lie and that it is his ultimate goal to wreck havoc on the infidels who are defiling the Land of God. Let’s call him Waqar, a 16 year old boy who was born and raised in Swat. Waqar, ever ... Read More »

Till death shall we denounce them!

Is this my land? Does anyone actually care now that so much blood is lost or are we just a bunch of “good-for-nothing-partriots” waiting for more to come? Will it be the same? A plethora of talk shows coupled with sensationalized media reporting with no solution or action? Just another note from my side and then I’ll get on with ... Read More »

A Nation of Marked People

Pakistan’ image has been tainted irrevocably by the world media in the aftermath of the Sept 11 attacks. This has culminated in our premature coronation as the most dangerous country on the planet. Nothing could be further from the truth. We surely know that this is nonsense but others do not. People in the West are very susceptible to be ... Read More »

The Rationality of Irrationality

The news keeps on ringing inside my head. An explosion in the Chelum procession in Lahore kills more than a dozen people. A 13 year old boy blew himself up after the police tried to check him. I stare in utter disbelief at my computer screen. Reason and rationality, at that particular moment, evaporate. How on earth could such a ... Read More »

For Death Cannot Do Us Part

There are some leaders who remain immortal, for whom death does not pose the same barriers that it does for others. Departure from this mortal world only serves to augment their fame as they reside then in people’s hearts. Pakistan’s first democratically elected president is a potent example of these very few. It is striking that even after three decades ... Read More »

Dark Times

[show_avatar align=center avatar_size=154]The news has increasingly become a biting reminder of the abyss that the land of the pure has become entrapped in. The trial of destruction left by the American invasion of Afghanistan is palpable in our homeland. Pakistan has been left with the indelible mark of a terrorist nation, a mark that does not bode well for ... Read More »

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