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Advisory Board

Mr Hammad Siddiqui
Qualified from US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organization Management, Hammad Siddiqui, IOM, has over 26 years of senior management experience in international organizations. He currently works as Deputy Country Director at the Center of International Private Enterprise (CIPE). Specializing in institutional capacity building, change management, leadership development and non-profit management, he is also a trained discussion facilitator from The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Hammad had the honor to serve as official Press Officer to Her Majesty The Queen during her visit to Pakistan in 1997.

Hammad has developed expertise in social media strategies and integration of various platforms. He passionately blogs on topics such as entrepreneurship, management, career and social media.

Twitter : @hammads

Ms Dilara Hafiz
Born in Karachi, Pakistan. She holds degrees from John Hopkins University and the London School of Economics. She has drawn upon he years of teaching/lecturing about Islam in USA. She has also authored many books in USA. She is also a blogger at The Huffington Post.


Mr Sohaib Alvi
A business strategy, advertising ,marketing Consultant. He is a regular cricket analyst on Television. He holds MBA degree from IBA, Karachi. He has more than 1000 articles published over the last 3 decades.He writes on cricket, social and self awareness issues.

Twitter: @SohaibAlvi

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