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Telecom Subscribers Growing Rapidly in Pakistan

The cellular teledensity has hit 73.32 per cent as the number of subscribers in Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas reached a whooping 136.4 million by January 15 this year. The mobile tele-density was 8.3 per cent about 10 years ago but proactive policies introduced b y the successive governments helped the sector grow by leaps and bounds and ... Read More »

World’s First Jet Engines Made by 3D Printer

Australian researchers said Thursday they have created two jet engines using 3D printing in what is described as a world-first that has attracted the interest of major manufacturers and engineering firms. The machines — produced using the template of a gas turbine engine from French aircraft engine maker Safran, which supplies Airbus and Boeing — demonstrated the potential 3D printing ... Read More »

How To Save Cellphone After Drowning in Water

It is quite obvious that gadgets that are not made to work under water should simply not be submerged into the liquid. But sadly this little known fact does not stop accidents from happening all too often. There is however hope, if you find your digital camera, cell phone or other tech device unintentionally physically associated with H2O. The first ... Read More »

Fashionable Gadgets You Can Wear

As I always emphasize, for a lot of us, tech is a very significant part of our lives. Come on, admit it, I think hardly anyone these days wants to go even a day without their cell phone or their online social network. But for those few of us who are up and above the average consumer, we always look ... Read More »

Most Popular Laptop Accessories

Sure you reached deep into your pockets and went out of your way to purchase that fancy laptop computer that you are all so proud of. It has become a part of your everyday life and you take it everywhere you go. The thought of using a desktop just repels you now and you are quick to pull it out ... Read More »

Must Have Gadgets for Football Fans

Even though the Pakistani team does not do really well in the international rankings, soccer is still a highly regarded sport in Pakistan with an ever increasing number of fans. Be it International games, the English Premier League or the Champions League, fans stay glued to television sets and cheer for their respective teams with a whole lot of passion. ... Read More »

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