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The Fortunate Ones

In the glow of night, a walk under the moonlight with its bright shining glamor caressing your facial features, you analyze how empty your life is. The loneliness adds to the trauma, making you feel insatiable. To gain some peace of mind you:

  • Talk to a good friend
  • Listen to some sad painful melody, a ballet, or a song
  • Read
  • Or get more frustrated.

Last summer I had my experience of a life time. The story back then was tragic. I had been having several mood swings lately. At the end of each day I realized how awful the day was, and how I wasted all my time. I had a feeling of incompleteness. To add some color to my life I went to Dar-Ul-Sukun- Home for peace and love.

On the first day I was welcomed by the youthful intelligent faces smiling whole heartedly. I realized that my peace-less existence was about to turn into a satisfied one. The children there are special in every way. They make you feel every emotion “deeply”. The more I went there, the more eager I was to do something to make a change- at least for these kids. They are the true gems, the blessed ones. They lead a life that knows no sorrow, just happiness. Their exuberant smile encourages you to let go off the grief, to welcome the bounties and to thank the Creator at every juncture.

Yes they are between us, one of us – The differently able children. They will surprise you with their skills. They will make you laugh till your cheeks hurt. But the best part is they will make you learn- learn from every experience of life. They will make you accept life the way it is, and to face the difficulties. They make you strong by their constant support. Most importantly they teach you to be patient.

So, if you want to learn these skills free of cost, come visit the extra ordinary children. Remember to value them. Make them your new best friends and you’ll realize how beautiful life is.


“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

– Ashley Smith.

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  1. All to often, the more privileged members of our society lend a blind eye to the deplorable condition of the impoverished and the downtrodden. We see them as lesser creatures,culpable for their own destitute plight, and wholly incapable of enacting changing to better their conditions.

    Your work at Dar-ul-Sukun is significant not only because the truly deserving are aided but because doing so gives you the kind of internal peace and harmony that nothing else can provide. That on its own should be celebrated.

    • Abdul Samad, I totally agree with you. Its time we start accepting them as a part of our society and help them showcase their talents through a proper platform.

  2. Spend sum tym wid ur parentx, ur siblingx… U vl realy feel better… U ppl dnt ave tym fo ur parentx, siblingx etc buh u ave tym fo dix stupidity… Huh

    • Dear Dami: It’s better to at least try doing something better for these kids. I suggest you visit Dar-ul-Sukun. I am sure the kids there will change your perception.

  3. You’re lucky to be volunteering there. The experience to work with those who’re seemingly different from us, spending time with them, learning from them, opens up one’s heart in new ways to engulf the simple beauty of life. Like Dostoevsky said ” it heals the heart to be with children.”

  4. Dear Tooba,
    thank you very much for your Article.

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