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The Wold Bank Internship Program

Deadline: December 1 – January 31 for Summer Internship,  September 1 – October 31 for Winter Internship
Open to: candidates must possess undergraduate degree and be enrolled in  full-time graduate study program
Salary: hourly salary and allowance towards travel expenses

The World Bank Internship offers highly motivated and successful  individuals an opportunity to improve their skills while working in a  diverse environment. Interns generally find the experience to be rewarding and  interesting. The Internship Program is open to students who are nationals  of the Bank’s member countries and attracts a large number of highly  qualified candidates.  The purpose of the Internship is to  provide graduate students with a chance to gain exposure to the work of the  World Bank Group in the hopes that some will be interested in returning to the  Bank for a career after completing their studies. The advantage for the Bank in  offering these opportunities to students is that they get temporary assistance  from students who are typically very knowledgeable in particular  fields. The job descriptions for interns vary. Some interns research  particular projects while others actually help design projects and occasionally  they participate in Bank missions. The most common fields of study are:  economics, finance, human development (public health, education, nutrition,  population), social sciences (anthropology, sociology), agriculture,  environment, and private sector development. The number of interns hired for a  given year are approximately 150-200, depending on the needs of Bank managers  and their budget circumstances.


Candidates must possess an undergraduate degree and already be enrolled in a  full-time graduate study program (pursuing a Master’s degree or PhD with plans  to return to school in a full-time capacity. Generally, successful candidates  have completed their first year of graduate studies or are already into their  PhD programs. This Program typically seeks candidates in the following  fields: economics, finance, human development (public health, education,  nutrition, population), social science (anthropology, sociology), agriculture,  environment, private sector development, as well as other related fields.  Fluency in English is required. Prior relevant work experience, computing  skills, as well as knowledge of languages such as French, Spanish, Russian,  Arabic, Portuguese, and Chinese are advantageous.


The Bank pays an hourly salary to all Interns and, where applicable, provides  an allowance towards travel expenses. Interns are responsible for their own  living accommodations. Most positions are located in Washington, DC (some  positions are offered in country offices) and are a minimum of four weeks in  duration.


The World Bank Group Internship is offered during two seasons:

  • Summer (June-September)
    The  application period for the Summer is December 1 – January  31 each year.
  • Winter (December-March)
    The application  period for the Winter is September 1 – October  31 each year.

All applications MUST be submitted on-line (using the “Apply Now” button). Applications submitted after the  deadline are not considered.

Bank Internship FAQs

The World Bank provides also various region-specific internships.

The Official Webpage

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