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Traineeships At ECML Centre, Austria

Deadline: 30 September, 2012
Open to:
graduates and postgraduates with very good knowledge of English or  French
Salary: 686 Euros per month

The ECML is a Council of Europe institution based in Graz,  Austria. In cooperation with the Language Policy Division of the Council  the Centre functions as a catalyst for reform in the teaching and learning of  languages.  Within a networking structure, comprised of leading specialists  of the expert community, the ECML operates 4-year programmes focusing on key  educational issues requiring action.

The ECML has offered traineeships since 1997. Recruiting  young professionals from all over Europe to join its team for a short period  both reinforces the Centre’s role as a place of international cooperation and  promotes an atmosphere of intercultural learning.

Areas of Traineeships:

The ECML offers traineeships, lasting in general 6 months,  twice a year. According to their field of interest applicants can choose the  main area in which they would like to be involved:
1. Organisation of  events and meetings – Programme of traineeship involves  mainly:

  • liaising with the coordinators to fix practical details;
  • contacting the workshop participants and sending them all kind of documents  (practical like hotel and travel documents, invitation letters, etc, but also  sometimes serving as a relay between the teams and the participants). It means  preparing the documents, formatting them, mailing and filing them;
  • assisting the teams and participants during workshops and meetings so that  everything runs smoothly.

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2. Documentation and resources – Trainees at the DRC  work 6 months together with the ECML’s two  documentalists. They participate in daily activities linked to information and  documentation.

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3. The Centre’s website – The trainee will assist  the webmaster in his daily work and will participate in  the development of the web site of the ECML being responsible for the  follow-up of tasks and for checking on the accuracy and on the updating of  information. This area of work will allow the trainee to participate in  the continuous development of the various sites.

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4. Finances and general administration – Main  tasks include:
– assistance in the further development of a relational ‘Projects’ database (linked to the existing mailing database);
– assistance  in the implementation of Windream (Document Management Software), in particular  development of a training guide ;
– processing of financial  documentation;
– photocopying/scanning, classification according to budgetary  article, registration of mailings, preparation of mailing to Strasbourg;
– corrections to the ECML mailing database (correcting/inputting of already  existing information;
– entering of bank details into ECML database;
– preparation of workshop documentation relating to prepaid tickets, hotel  reservation forms;
– preparation of reimbursement forms and assistance in  registration of participants prior to workshops, network or expert meetings.

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  • Trainees will receive an allowance from the Centre of approximately 686 Euros per month
  • A contribution of a maximum 230 Euros is made towards travel costs from the trainee’ s home country to Graz


In order to apply for the traineeship, you should use the attached application form.

Applicants should describe their language skills in accordance to  the Common European Framework of Reference for  Languages.

The trainees selected receive a formal letter of  acceptance from the ECML informing them of the duration and the  conditions of the traineeship. For nationalities requiring a visa to enter  Austria this letter should also be sufficient to meet these requirements. If any  problems do occur with the issuing of a visa the ECML can intervene on behalf of  the trainee directly with the respective Austrian Embassy.

There are 2 deadlines:

30 September for the period January  to June of the following year
31 March for  the period July to December and September to  February for Administration trainees only

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