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University of Bremen Postdoc Research Positions

Deadline: 1 April 2013
Open to: doctoral candidates who expect to receive their doctorate within the next half year, as well as post-docs who submitted their doctoral thesis at most one year prior to application
Remuneration: €3110 per month plus €10,000 allowance per year to cover expenses


Post-Docs at an early stage in their careers can receive support to set up independent research projects to be run under their own leadership and responsibility. Funding is offered in particular in respect of outstanding publications and the preparation of applications for external funding, including the funding of their own temporary position (e.g. temporary positions for principal investigators [Eigene Stelle DFG] or the Emmy Noether program for young researchers). Funding is also available for intensive coaching in the preparation of such applications. Moreover, the Personnel Development Bureau at the University of Bremen offers a range of customized offers to train a broad spectrum of personal skills.

Temporary post-doc positions are paid pursuant to salary scale E 13 TV-L for a maximum of 24 months (A gross salary of about €3110 per month and about €3450 after one year). Additionally, there is an allowance of up to €10,000 per year to cover costs of resources, further training and coaching in the preparation of applications. Positions have to be taken up as soon as possible following acceptance of applications. In the event that an application for external funding is submitted within the first 12 months, the temporary bridging position will be extended for a further 12 months. Continuation of funding beyond 24 months will only possible if the external funding institution takes additional time for the processing of the application.

What conditions must be met? Above-average publication output, an innovative and independent project proposal for the post-doc phase and high expectations of achieving the proposed objectives (the evaluation of previous achievement will take periods of child care into account). The cooperating professor has to submit a detailed letter of intent on how candidates are to be integrated within a research context at the University of Bremen while at the same time maintaining a high degree of independence. The respective research context comprises part of the evaluation.

Please read the call for applications HERE carefully for further details.


Doctoral candidates of the University of Bremen and other universities in Germany or abroad who expect to receive their doctorate within the next half year, as well as post-docs who submitted their doctoral thesis at most one year prior to application (periods of practical training in the teaching and law professions [Referendariatszeiten] do not count).


Deadline for applications: 1 April 2013, 11:59 p.m. The online application form is AVAILABLE HERE. This declaration also must be completed.

As a rule, applications together with the cooperating professor’s letter of intent can be submitted once a year to the University of Bremen. The respective BFK reaches its decision on the basis of external review, and then passes on eligible applications to the Office of the University President for approval. The number of positions available is shared equally between the natural and engineering sciences and the social sciences and humanities. At least 50 percent of the positions are reserved especially for women.

The Research Funding Committee and the Rectorate of the University of Bremen will decide on your application based on the applicant’s qualifications, quality of the proposed long-term project, and its integration within the research environment of the University of Bremen. Read more about these criteria, the selection timeline and further information at the official website HERE.

Any questions regarding your academic integration are to be directed directly to the Bremen professor whose academic unit your project will be associated with and who will have to write a letter of intent. For any other questions, please contact Dr. Uta Brathauer +49-421-218-60325


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