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What is Real Problem? Let’s get to the Roots

We Pakistanis are in trouble since the creation of this country. Since its creation Pakistan has faced many challenges, which range from financial, infrastructural and political to floods, earthquakes and war on terror. Every thinking or non-thinking brain has his views in Pakistan. As the count of mouths increase conspiracy theories increase. But no one has yet identified the real problem.

Some say it is terrorism, some say it is religiously motivated radicalism, some enlist poor quality of education, lack of leadership and some blame the people of Pakistan in general. I shall try here my bit to unravel what my findings are after the complete autopsy of this country’s history from 1947 onwards. My findings are harsh and hard to swallow. To savvy this point we must first step into neutral zone even by putting off our religious pair of specs.

The real problem with Pakistan or Pakistani Muslims is they can be bought for a dime. Yes, it is true. We must focus on the executor than the real conspirator because it remains a conspiracy on paper or in mind unless executed.

  • Take the murder case of Liaquat Ali Khan, who was he? A Muslim; an Afghan National.
  • Who was named as Pakistan Communist Party conspirator? Faiz Ahmed Faiz for running the communist movement under auspices of Russian authorities and consequently awarded Lenin Peace award.
  • Who conspired against Fatima Jinnah? The very own Ayub Khan. Zia ul Haq was killed in an air-crash abetted by Pakistani air-force official. Bhutto was hanged by none other than Zia ul Haq.
  • Who were Mukti Bahini? Who created the circumstances for the uprising?
  • Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and Sucide Bombers?
  • What is SAFMA and whose agenda it is promoting in Pakistan?
  • Who were involved in Cricket Match-Fixing scandals?

It is immaterial who abetted all these heinous acts; point worth noting is the executors. We unfortunately point fingers at America and other foreign powers for our own deeds. Yes, there is no denying that they can be or are conspirators /master mind behind many, but all these conspiracies are implemented through none but Pakistanis and Muslims.

Real problem of Pakistan is None but Non-purity of Character and Cheapness of Muslim Pakistanis they can be bought for a dime to do anything

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